Accessories for a cosy home office during the WFH period

PHOTO: Deskspace

We are slightly over two weeks into the circuit breaker period, and if you haven't found the time to spruce up the home office with some simple accessories, now might be the time.

Not only have the measures been extended until the start of June, we've compiled some tips and tricks to make your days at home a little better amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Establishing a routine, and following it, can help you to feel a greater sense of normality. That ranges from changing out of your sleepwear, getting in a morning run or making a cup of your favourite beverage every morning.

Your work-from-home environment, therefore, shouldn't be your bed: A proper desk and chair will make for a conducive working environment.

It'll also ensure you don't leave the circuit breaker period with niggling aches in your back and neck.

A few simple adjustments can transform the standard home office into a cosy workspace that you won't be loath to step into.

Draw the curtains and let in natural light as they'll reduce the strain on your eyes - and make sure the temperature is to your liking, particularly in Singapore's tropical climate.

Here are our tips and pick of the best accessories to make the home office just a little cosier so that you won't be in a rush to leave right after the coronavirus period.

Start the day off right

PHOTO: Ember

Lacklustre, lukewarm coffees can ruin the morning. Fresh-ground, brewed coffee deserves to be imbibed at its best - even when you're stuck at home. The Ember smart mug can keep your cup of joe at a precise temperature for over an hour so the last sip is just as good as the first.

Set the right olfactory mood

If you're partial to meals at your desk, this volcanic stone diffuser from the Curators Collective might not be a bad idea.

Essential oils such as rose and bergamot have purported calming and stress-reducing effects - at the very least, it'll leave your home office smelling a little less like whatever you had for lunch.

Find the perfect lighting

PHOTO: Deskspace

The biological benefits of getting sunlight include boosted serotonin (the feel-good hormone) levels and vitamin D. Apart from mandatory breaks lounging in the terrace, we can ensure that the lighting in our room is spot-on.

Enter Deskspace's Solar Sun lamp.

The stylish orb is made of ethically mined golden calcite that is hand-shaped to evenly emit a warm yellow glow, mimicking our solar system's star.

That being said, for all the chic minimalism it brings to your desk, it can't replace time in the outdoors - but it's certainly a ritzy way to remind yourself to head outside once in a while

Get in some exercise

We've already covered home workout equipment extensively. However, the Floatdeck balance board by Fully allows one to incorporate light exercise into your daily routine.

It accompanies the use of a standing desk by providing slight instability. Though it'd feel a bit like surfing on land at first, balance will eventually become intuitive with the added benefit of strengthened core, hips and knees.

It's made of bamboo and suitable for bare feet as well as shoes.

Get a (liquid) companion…

Tempting though it may be, resist the urge to pour yourself a finger or three before noon. Thereafter, all bets are off.

We aren't advocating for day-drinking, but craft Irish distillery Glendalough's quarter of a century-old expression of the single malt might convince you otherwise.

The spirit goes through a three-step maturation process: It begins aging in charred Bourbon barrels, then an Oloroso Sherry cask before a final rest in virgin Irish oak.

There are only 1,800 bottles of the stuff out there, so we'd hurry.

… And a home for it

PHOTO: SplinterWorks

Splinterworks' Dime wall-mounted liquor cabinet, made out of crown-cut American walnut, is a sleek and classy solution to alcohol storage within the home office.

The rippled sycamore veneer works well with most classic interior decor, and can be customised to suit your needs if necessary.

Easy to operate and easier on the eyes, the Dime liquor cabinet is the perfect place to store all of your liquid encouragement for quick access throughout the rest of the circuit breaker period.

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This article was first published in The Peak.