'In 4 months, he proposed': Ukrainian model opens up about love story with Singaporean husband

'In 4 months, he proposed': Ukrainian model opens up about love story with Singaporean husband
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It is said that love transcends all obstacles.

But for Nina Monzolevska, it also transcends different timezones and nationality.

Five years ago, the Ukrainian model met her Singaporean husband on the online dating app Tinder while in her home country.

And roughly four months after their first meet-up, he popped the big question to her, and the couple are now happily married in Singapore with a six-month-old daughter. 

Having come from different backgrounds, it's no surprise that Nina gets asked the same question over and over again.

Last Thursday (May 25), the 25-year-old took to TikTok to provide the full story to said question — "How did you get to know your husband?"

It all began when Nina "felt like going home [to Ukraine]" while she was working in Japan. This was rather tricky as she had a modelling contract to fulfil.

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After making a few calls to her Japanese and Ukrainian agencies, she eventually managed to head back home.

This coincided with a certain Singaporean man's arrival to the country.

He was in Ukraine on a 10-day trip, so the stars really did align for the duo.

Back home, Nina was swiping away on Tinder before coming across her future husband's profile. 

"He was looking for someone local who could show him around. I can do that plus I can practise my English," Nina said.

It looked like a win-win situation so she swiped right on him.

An outing soon turned into two, but before they could continue hanging out, Nina's mother intervened.

"He's a foreigner and God knows what he was going to do with [you]," she'd say.

So before any further outings, he'd have to first meet Nina's parents.

Nina had little expectation given that the two "were not dating" at that point of time.

But somehow the meet-the-parents session happened and it was a complete success.

Everyone got along and with the parents' stamp of approval, they were allowed to start dating. 

"In four months, he proposed and we got married two weeks later," Nina shared in a separate TikTok video.

AsiaOne has reached out to Nina for more information.

In the comments section, netizens likened their story to a fairytale, with many noting how sweet of a love journey it has been for the couple.

"I love this story! You guys are destined to be [with] each other," one TikTok user wrote.

Things we do for love

A man in Singapore literally went the extra mile when he headed to Johor Bahru for a Tinder date.

Breezing through customs, he arrived two hours early for the date.

After killing time at a karaoke studio, he initially thought he was being stood up by his date.

She did eventually show up, and the date continued as planned at a sky bar before they headed to a carnival.

While he was happy with how the night turned out, he indicated how there might not be a second date.

Love's a tough game, but if you'll never know the outcome until you try, right?

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