5 best cordless vacuum cleaners from Amazon that are cheaper than Dyson

5 best cordless vacuum cleaners from Amazon that are cheaper than Dyson
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The Dyson V11 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner is definitely a game-changer for all who once dreaded cleaning. No further introduction is necessary for this revolutionary household appliance with a whooping $899 price tag.

If your pockets don’t run that deep, but you still lust after the same high-performance vacuum technology, here’s a selection of equally amazing Dyson vacuum cleaner alternatives from Amazon that you can score for a further discount on Amazon Prime Day (June 21-22)!

Dyson vacuum cleaner alternatives at a glance 

1. Honiture H10 cordless vacuum stick cleaner

Why it’s the perfect alternative: The Honiture H10 is an extremely lightweight (~1.5kg) cordless stick vacuum that’s built to reach the stubborn corners and hard-to-access areas of your house.

The 180-degree tilt ability gives you maximum mobility, and its two-speed function helps make all types of cleaning efficient. Hate the noise of vacuums? The H10 comes with triple noise reduction capabilities, giving you an all-around quiet experience.

Suction power: 17 kPa
Bonus features: 180-degree tilt ability to help you clean hard-to-reach corners, LED lights for dark areas
Max. battery life: 40 minutes
Charge time: Four to five hours
Weight: ~1.5kg
Price: US$117.99 (S$158.91)

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2. DreameTech T10 cordless vacuum cleaner

Why it’s the perfect alternative: Rivalling the Dyson V11 Absolute is this option by DreameTech – the T10, providing 60 minutes run-time on one full charge! With a suction power of 120AW, it stacks against the Dyson pretty well.

Running on a detachable battery, it also has three power modes – the Standard for regular cleaning, Turbo for deep-cleansing and Eco mode for light dusting. Sure, it’s the most expensive of all the alternatives, but if you’re after a low noise, minimalistic look, and a no-hair-tangling experience, this is it.

Suction power: 120AW / 20 kPa
Bonus features: One-hour run-time, detachable battery, three power modes
Max. battery life: 60 minutes
Charge time: Three and a half hours
Weight: ~1.65kg
Price: US$254.14

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3. Mi handheld vacuum cleaner

Why it’s the perfect alternative: Everyone’s familiar with the Xiaomi brand, and some might say this Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is one of the closest alternatives to the Dyson range of vacuums.

Coming in at 120AW, it uses a nine-cone tornado cyclone design that’s much like Dyson’s Radial Root Cyclone technology to create impressive suction power. One of its drawbacks is the 30-minute run-time, but offers four times the suction power on Max mode, on a six-minute session of deep cleaning.

Suction power: 120AW / 23 kPa
Bonus features: Max mode offering 4x suction power, close relative to the Dyson V11 in terms of tornado cyclone design
Max. battery life: 30 minutes
Charge time: Three and a half hours
Weight: ~1.49kg
Price: US$199.99

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4. Wovida cordless stick vacuum cleaner

Why it’s the perfect alternative: Ranking the second-highest in terms of suction pressure at 25kPa, the Wovida Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner comes with a telescoping adjustable extension tube and is touted to be extremely lightweight.

The head comes equipped with LED lights for the darker areas underneath your sofas, TV consoles, beds… you get the idea. The wall mount is also its charging station, and the availability of three speed modes gives you a run time from 12 minutes to 45 minutes on a single charge.

It operates on a detachable battery as well, which means you can have two batteries on hand to extend your run time.

Suction power: 25 kPa
Bonus features: Telescopic extension tube for adjustable height, LED lights for darker areas, detachable battery
Max. battery life: 45 minutes
Charge time: Five hours
Weight: ~1.59kg
Price: US$142.99 

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5. Nequare S26 cordless vacuum

Why it’s the perfect alternative: In first place for suction pressure comes Nequare’s S26, with a powerful 26kPA pressure to suck up even the most stubborn debris and dirt. And get this: Nine speed modes, controlled by an intuitive touch sensor on the main body.

What we love about the Nequare S26 is the LED screen that displays battery information, power levels, and power bar tangling notifications. The self-standing S26 is also the lightest of all the options, and runs for up to 45 minutes.

Suction power: 26 kPa
Bonus features: Nine speed modes, touch sensor controls, LED screen for usage information, self-standing, no mount needed
Max. battery life: 40 minutes
Charge time: Four and a half hours
Weight : ~1.36kg
Price: US$143.98 

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Sucker for good deals

Gone are the days of cords — behold the age of technologically-enhanced vacuums, where keeping one’s household spick and span is finally achievable! Other than vacuums, Amazon has also got a wide variety of lifestyle essentials and nifty tech gadgets like Kindles, AirPods and more.

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Before you hurry to make your decision on the best alternative vacuum cleaner to Dyson’s costly V11 Absolute, remember that Amazon Prime Day is coming. 

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