5 best spots to find vintage furniture in Singapore for unique pieces

5 best spots to find vintage furniture in Singapore for unique pieces
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One of the unintended effects of the pandemic was just how much time people spent at home. So it’s no surprise that people splurged to redecorate their homes (according to a report, to a tune of 527 billion dollars in 2021), moving their holiday budget to home furnishing instead. And while furniture sites were making bank, one particular segment was facing a revitalised boom: vintage furniture.


Just like how authenticity is big in social media (at least, among the current generation), that trend has carried on even for products. Everyone now wants a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture to stand out. While IKEA is still undoubtedly the most popular choice of all, homeowners are now starting to gravitate towards looking for something less cookie-cutter to furnish their homes with.

There’s also the ongoing conversation about climate change and sustainability. Be it plastic consumption, food waste, or fast fashion, the trend is becoming a bigger priority for the Millennials and Gen Zs. As you might very well know, furniture is expensive to dispose of, and one of the biggest contributors to landfills.

Finally, is the issue of the supply chain crunch. Now, this isn’t a problem just facing the furniture industry, but almost every single in-demand industry at the moment. New pieces of furniture can take a couple of months to arrive – and most homeowners are impatient to wait that long to furnish their homes.

And so despite the one-stop solution that is Ikea, many of us still yearn for more eclectic additions to our homes. Perhaps you are looking to blend in something less modern for a more rustic and lived-in feel to your home. Here, we take you through some of our picks and show you where are the best spots to find vintage furniture in Singapore.

1. The GoDown

The GoDown is a boutique furnishing and accessories warehouse-like space offering eclectic finds from around the world. Audrey (the owner) opened the space as she desired to make decor hunting an accessible and enjoyable experience for locals and travellers alike. The name is also a nod to the Industrial Revolution between the 19th and 20th century where warehouse spaces in East Asia were fairly common.

What to expect:

Many of the items on display are “one-off” pieces as they are carefully sourced by Audrey herself from her travels. Europe in particular is her go-to spot as it is home to a seemingly endless number of finds. Apart from specially sourced items, The GoDown also offers some in-house designs that are unique to them. As a side note, the space is now also open to a workshop and private event bookings.

Here, you can expect to find a tasteful mix of modern and vintage finds. Items on display can generally be described as quirky and unusual, in a desirable way of course. After all, Audrey finds value in items deemed otherwise by many. From pendant lamps to obscure vintages like large format cameras, you’d be surprised with what you encounter here.

Who this is for:

As with everything on this list, The GoDown is for those looking for something with that extra bit of specialness. It definitely isn’t your one-stop solution for all your furnishing needs and trendy mass-produced products. Instead, it focuses on providing niche items that warrant appreciation and attention. If you are looking to add some quality bells and whistles for that finishing touch to your space, this is the place for you.

Price Range: $$ – $$$

Opening Hours:

Mon, Wed, Fri: 10am to 4pm or by appointment
Address :
100 D Pasir Panjang Road #02-08 The Meissa, Singapore 118520

Instagram: @thegodown
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2. Hock Siong and Co.

Arguably the most famous spot for secondhand furniture in Singapore, Hock Siong Formally a Karang Guni business in the 1970s, Hock Siong is now home to a wide variety of secondhand furniture sourced from local hotels, show flats, and residentials. They pride themselves on offering quality products at humble price points for the everyday Singaporean.

What to expect:

Hock Siong provides a wide variety of items on display. From Mid-Century to Historical Chinese pieces, there is bound to be something for any style and patron.

Expect anything from uniquely carved console tables to small items such as drawer knobs. Some items are also one of a kind or found in small volumes, giving you a sense of special ownership with your purchases.

With all pre-used items, their conditions can vary from piece to piece. The items offered at Hock Siong range anywhere from un-refurbished to refurbished, with many also sold “as-is”. Purchased items can also be customised at an additional cost. Keep a lookout on their socials for one-of-a-kind offerings that pop up from time to time.

Who this is for:

In some way, you might find the experience akin to a small flea market (a slightly more organised one at that). Those who find joy in uncovering a unique find or look to delve into some DIY are bound to have a great time here.

Durable yet functional tableware from old establishments is also available for those scouting for simple, cost-effective solutions. The variety and scale of offered second-hand items are unlikely to disappoint even the most casual of patrons.

Price Range: $ – $$

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sat : 9am to 5pm
Sun & Public Holidays: 9.30am to 5.30pm
153 Kampong Ampat, #01-03 Junjie Industrial Building, Singapore 368326

Instagram: @hocksiong
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3. Second Charm

Second Charm is another vintage furniture company that is well known in the industry. Since 2001, it has been retailing and crafting quality pieces for businesses and homeowners alike.

What to expect:

Fans of the Scandinavian, Decorative French, and Mid-Century Modern aesthetic will be more than pleased by the furniture offerings of Second Charm. Starting from roughly $180 (at the time of writing), you can find anything from simple stools to elegant lounge chairs and coffee tables that are bound to make heads turn. Bear in mind that more elaborate pieces will come with higher costs but the craftsmanship speaks for itself.

Second Charm also provides customisation options for those who looking for pieces with a touch of personality. Additionally, check out their second Instagram page for a variety of miscellaneous vintage items.

Who this is for:

For those looking for quality furniture pieces that are inspired by classic and timeless designs, Second Charm offers a healthy range for you to choose from. It offers a great middle-ground for those looking to enjoy a taste of class at a more affordable price range.

The customisability of their offerings also makes it easy for anyone who enjoys the design language to make alterations to their liking. If you’d like more examples of their furniture do check out our piece in this colonial black-and-white bungalow !

Price Range: $$ – $$$

Opening Hours:

Tues – Sun: 11.30am to 5pm

Address: 21 Kallang Avenue, 05-165, Mapletree Industrial Building, Singapore 339412

Instagram: @second.charm

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4. Lorgan’s The Retro Store

Lorgan’s the Retro Store that offers an interesting range of restored furniture bound to bring you back in time. Lorgan’s appreciation for vintage furniture began when he started restoring vintage furniture with his father. He garnered knowledge through the years by reading a variety of design material, allowing him to become well versed in the field.

What to expect: Today, the shop is filled with vintage homeware and trinkets, ranging from 40s art-deco pieces to cantilever chairs from the 70s and anything in between. Entering Lorgan’s will no doubt feel like a blast from the past. The sourced pieces are faithfully restored by Lorgan who prides himself in his craftsmanship honed over many years.

Alongside some locally sourced vintages, most items helm from the likes of Germany, Denmark, and Norway. Rest assured that the pieces are the real deal. Expect to see anything from classic mid-century pieces to wacky theatre and airline seats. Keep an eye out for various collectibles as well.

Who this is for:

If fun, retro designs are what you are looking for, Lorgan’s is a great place to start. The store is also great for those considering unique statement pieces and knick-knacks for ornamentation. Those who are unsure of how to identify and select furniture pieces are encouraged to head on down to hit him up with a chat. Lorgan’s years of experience are bound to help you out greatly.

Price Range: $$ – $$$

Opening Hours:

Mon, Wed – Sun: 10.30am to 6pm
Address :
160 Paya Lebar Rd, #02-07, Orion @ Paya Lebar, Singapore 409022 Instagram: @lorgans

Portmeirion Totem coffee set

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5. Noden

Founded in 2013, Noden is a Scandinavian-centric furnishing store providing authentic classics from the 40s – 60s. Owners Tawan & Marko, aim to provide living experiences that are more sustainable, handpicking and sourcing furniture from acclaimed and celebrated designers.

What to expect:

Expect sleek, functional furniture filled with warm rustic tones thanks to the extensive use of wood. The owners of Noden take on a quality over quantity approach as observed from how and who they source their furniture from. Notable designs include pieces from the likes of Hans J. Wegner and Arne Jacobsen.

Make no mistake, the pieces offered are authentic vintages, not copies. Their Instagram account is one of the most curated and well put together accounts that you’ll come across as well.

Apart from these iconic designs, Noden also brings in brands that share the same philosophy and approach to design. Coupled with excellent craftsmanship, many of these pieces are also made with top-notch materials. Some vintage pieces even sport

the now endangered Brazilian rosewood, so expect to pay a high premium for these prized materials.

Who this is for:

As Noden unmistakeably focuses on Scandinavian design and living, devotees of the design language are in for a treat. The curated furniture is of the highest authenticity as it comes directly from the source of the aesthetic.

You’d be hard press to find something more desirable. However, be ready to fork out a good chunk of change due to the nature of the furniture.

Price Range: $$$ – $$$$

Opening Hours:

Wed to Fri: 11am to 5pm
Sat to Sun: 11am to 6pm
Address :
211 Henderson Rd, #02-02, Singapore 159552

Instagram: @_noden_

Visit The Website

No… Ikea does not have to be the “End-Game”

It is no doubt that Singapore is a small country with options that pale in comparison to our neighbours offshore. However, there are still great finds to be had in treasure troves scattered around town. With some digging, you might just uncover that special something while feeling extra content after all that searching.


But don’t throw away your Ikea furniture just yet! Instead, why not have a good mix of old and new furniture from different sources? Ikea is and will likely remain the de-facto furnishing solution for most Singaporeans, and good reason. Being practical with your purchases remains good practice and Ikea provides many opportunities for that.

Still, deciding on what to splurge on wisely is understandably tough. A general rule of thumb would be to identify an activity or function that sees the most engagement. If lounging around at home is what you love, perhaps a neat sofa or lounge chair is justifiable. Love hosting? A feature pendant lamp for your dining table could do just fine.

If you think having to purchase Ikea furnishings is your only choice for interesting living here in Singapore, think again. There are lots to explore when it comes to vintage furniture. If you are game for it, you can even try importing them yourselves from overseas platforms! Perhaps that’s another piece for another day.

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