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5 facial treatments in Singapore to restore skin's radiance and health

5 facial treatments in Singapore to restore skin's radiance and health
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Whether you have maskne, need a pick-me-up before heading back to the office or just need an excuse to have some me-time, a facial treatment provides a double treat of relaxation and improving your skin condition.

There are plenty of facial treatments in Singapore to choose from, but we’ve curated five that are targeted to restore skin’s radiance and health because you deserve it.

1. Kew Organics Lumi-Lift Detox Organic Facial


This treatment employs traditional guasha massage, which helps to relax facial muscles, stimulate blood circulation and aid in cell oxygenation. The back-and-forth massage technique using rose quartz is akin to “exercising” the skin, helping lift sagging skin and making them appear tauter.

The overall detoxing effect aids in the removal of any toxins so that your skin will appear brighter and even reduce breakouts.

Another thing worth noting is that the Kew Organics store in Cluny Court is quiet and peaceful. The cosy decor is akin to doing the treatment in the comfort of your own home so you can completely relax and unwind.

Price: $238 for 90 minutes

2. Only Aesthetics Onliclear Treatment


Whether you have been dealing with acne for a long time or have developed maskne the constant wearing of mask during this Covid-19 pandemic, this treatment will help you get rid of those pesky pimples.

Onliclear is a targeted treatment that specifically combat adult acne using a patented Thermo Insulated technology. It employs thermal energy (delivered via a titanium tip) to target problematic areas and eliminate harmful acne-causing bacteria and destroy sebaceous glands to reduce breakouts.

The treatment also stimulates collagen production, and minimises the appearance of acne scars and pores. All you need is one treatment to notice a difference.

Price: Determined after consultation

3. DRx Essential Facial Re/juvenation


This treatment involves two parts: Glow Skin Re/vitalizing Deep Cleanse and DEP Transdermal Re/activating Infusion.

The former uses the new Derma-RX Arazyme Exfoliant to remove dead skin cells before the Venus Glow machine is used to clean out any gunk and oil trapped within the pores.

The second part of this treatment, the DEP, introduces a proprietary infusion that penetrates deep into the skin layers, and followed up with a face mask specifically for your skin needs. Your skin will appear healthier, more luminous and hydrated after the treatment.

Price: $420

4. Wellaholic WellaBoost Needleless Skin Booster Treatment


In celebration of their fourth anniversary, Wellaholic has unveiled the WellaBoost Needleless Skin Booster Treatment. This non-invasive treatment uses two kinds of technology: High-Pressure Jet Spray Technology and Electroporation.

The treatment uses one of four different types of serums – hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl, marine collagen and placenta – to target your skin concern, whether it’s dehydration, scarring or anti-ageing.

Price: $159 per session with a 12-session plan

5. Pablo Blau Signature Salt Room Customised Facial


Salt therapy has a long history in Europe where the alternative treatment is said to have therapeutic effects on respiratory illnesses. Besides that, research has found that quality salt can improve blood circulation, lessen inflammation, improve skin health and reduce stress.

Senior Scientific Advisor to the American Lung Association, Dr Norman Edelman explains that when we breathe in tiny particles of salt, these get trapped in the respiratory tract. Through osmosis, the mucus membrane gets thinned and makes us feel more comfortable.

Pablo Blau, a luxury spa centre, thus brought these salt caves to Singapore. Surrounded by an environment of pharmaceutical-grade salt, you will reap the benefits of salt from your respiratory tract to your skin. There is also a salt generator to ensures that you’re breathing in “fresh” salt too.

The facial therapist will also recommend a treatment based on your skin concerns, which includes options such as the cell-rejuvenating Reverse Aging, wrinkle-improving Age Defy and the Lift U Up that employs bee venom, or nature’s botox.

This treatment is done together with the salt treatment to help kill unwanted bacteria on the skin and leave your entire body cleansed and healthy.

Price: Determined after consultation

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This article was first published in Nuyou.

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