5 modern essential 'si dian jin' sets for Singapore brides

5 modern essential 'si dian jin' sets for Singapore brides
Stylish, sophisticated Si Dian Jin pieces you can wear for the wedding and after.
PHOTO: Poh Heng Jewellery, SK Jewellery

Planning for your big day? While it is important to find the perfect wedding dress, sorting out the customary wedding traditions can be quite a handful.

In this case, we're zooming in on si dian jin – a cherished tradition, of which the si dian jin (translated as "Four Touches of Gold") is both symbolic and beautiful for the Chinese bride.

Given as a betrothal present from the groom's family, this set usually consists of a necklace, a bangle or bracelet, a ring and a pair of earrings.

However, over the years, si dian jin in Singapore has transitioned from a marriage tradition to one that goes beyond the wedding. Bearing in mind that you'll be wearing these pieces for the long term.

With that being said, ahead, we've rounded up some of the latest si dian jin designs in Singapore for you to consider for your wedding day.

SK Jewellery 

Featuring traditional meaningful symbols, the si dian jin collection by SK Jewellery is one worth considering if you love something that's affordable and looks good at the same time.

From the 999 pure gold range, you'll find some of the most extraordinary pieces including the Double Happiness Dragon & Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Bangle, which complement each other to create balance for successful matrimonial bliss, and the Love Eternity Lily Earrings that are inspired by the Chinese name of Lily that's found in a phrase which essentially means in good harmony for hundred years, and are often used to congratulate a new marriage.


Poh Heng Jewellery 

It goes without saying that Poh Heng is at forefront of innovation especially when it comes si dian jin jewellery pieces.

More recently, the brand has launched its latest bridal range that's been crafted in exquisite 22K gold which features traditional Chinese marital motifs.

Some of the pieces we have our eyes set on include the Lineage of Prosperity set which represents the start of a new family and the welcoming of new additions; the Century of Love set on the other hand symbolises purity, unity of spirits and 100 years of love; while the Love Blossoming set signifies bliss and happiness.


Goldheart Jewelry 

If you prefer something that looks a little less traditional and more modern, consider Goldheart's range of si dian jin pieces.

For something that's dramatic and quirky, look over to the brand's lineup of tassel pieces that are crafted in 916 gold.

What we love most about these pieces is that they can also be worn beyond your big day. Aside from these designs, there are other pieces that spark individuality including a Gold Reflection of Love Ring that features a beautiful layered design.


Carrie K 

For something that's a little more classy and sophisticated, peep Carrie K's exclusive range of si dian jin pieces.

Unlike traditional si dian jin that focuses heavily on yellow solid 916 gold, Carrie K's collection is designed for the new generation that has shifted towards si dian jin White Gold sets.

Take, for instance, the Blessings Si Dian Jin Set. Inspired by the ancient Chinese concept of the five blessings, the Si Dian Jin pieces here feature the five lucky bats wishing the wearer health, wealth, longevity, virtue and peace of mind of having lived a good life.


Lee Hwa Jewellery 

For the bride who prefers sets that are contemporary, then Lee Hwa Jewellery might just have what you need.


Offering an extensive range of affordable and stylish pieces for your wedding day, the si dian jin sets here is one to shell out for.

For a unique twist on traditional gold rings, be sure to check out the brand's Passion 14K White Gold Bangle with Malachite and Diamond.

With a unique cuff-like design, the ring is also perfect for everyday wear and is subtle enough for the modern bride.

Aside from that, you should also have a look at the Lee Hwa's Free Chain Clio 14K Rose Gold Swing Star Diamond Pendant made with 14K Rose Gold Plated White Gold for something that's a little more interesting and sophisticated.

Check out the website here for more information. 

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