5 simple styling tips for an instantly Instagrammable home

5 simple styling tips for an instantly Instagrammable home
PHOTO: Priscilla Tan

Interior stylist and Instagram sensation Priscilla Tan of StyledbyPT, shares her top three tips to make your home instantly Instagrammable.

1. Go green with house plants

They add colour and life and purify the air. Explore different ways to hang or display your plants, from draping them over a shelf or wall to showing them in statement planters to add height and volume wherever you place them.

2. Level up your shelfie game.

Showcase your personality by displaying much-loved items, whether it’s gorgeous dinnerware, unique photo frames or pieces of art on your shelves and take shelfies!

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3. Focus on the walls.

Explore hanging artworks, adding shelves or getting furniture that maximises their height and width. Compact elements visually minimise their height.

4. Add ambient lighting.

Floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights add a glow and warmth to any space. Overhead task lighting alone can look plain and flat in photos, so these additional elements make all the difference.

5. Avoid getting a rug that is disproportionate to your space.

The front legs of the furniture must sit on it. As with art and most decorative items, it is better to go larger than smaller to balance out a space.

This article was first published in Home & Decor.

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