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5 things to love about the Cat A COE-eligible BMW 216i Active Tourer

5 things to love about the Cat A COE-eligible BMW 216i Active Tourer
PHOTO: CarBuyer

In March 2022 BMW launched the second generation of its 2 Series Active Tourer here, with the 1.5-litre 136hp 218i model leading the charge. First debuting in 2014 and famously the brand's first front-wheel drive car and the brand's first MPV, the 2 Series Active Tourer was also one of the most popular BMWs in Singapore. 

A year on, the smaller engine and Cat A COE eligible 216i is now available in Singapore and we get behind the wheel to drive about and bring you five things to love about the new 216i Active Tourer.

1. It's not your parents' MPV

The 2 Series Active Tourer may have the title of BMW's first MPV, but stylistically, the second generation is by no means an MPV of yester-year.

Despite being a little longer, wider, and taller than before as we covered when it first arrived here, the 216i is stylish enough to sit apart from other general MPVs that might come to mind. And yes, this variant being a five seater as opposed to seven, lends to that view too. 

Air intakes on the front, flushed door handles for aerodynamics, and an interior complete with the classic BMW Curved Display, the car makes sure that you never go out of style whilst actively touring (ba dum tss).

2. You can hear yourself think

You might not be able to hear a hairpin drop like you might in electric vehicles, but at high speeds you aren't screaming at your passengers in the 216i either. At high speeds your ears are not affronted by exterior sounds, and while the sound system is not quite that of the luxurious i7's, it's well sorted enough to make you feel like you're in your own road trip movie.

3. Space for all - and then some 

The 2 Series Active Tourer's luggage space is enough for 406-litres of cargo, but if that wasn't enough, that space is expandable for up to 1,455-litres of cargo. On top of that, the seats in the rear are adjustable, and able to slide front or back, depending on how much space you need, and where.

4. It's Category A COE eligible

The newest thing about the 216i is of course its eligibility for a Category A COE. The 218i variant that launched here last year had a power output of 136hp, placing it in the Category B status. The 216i meanwhile has a smaller power output of 122hp, making it eligible for a cheaper COE when bidding time comes.

And in times of super-ultra-eye-socket-popping-mega high COE prices, brands have been introducing lower rated and more affordable versions of popular cars (see BYD Atto 3 and Volkswagen Golf) to the masses, with the 216i being another one to join the ranks. With just the M Sport variant to choose from, the 216i retails from $225,888 with COE.

5. You won't go #thirsty. Or at least your tank won't. 

The most important thing to note in our couple of days behind the wheel is arguably the 216i's fuel efficiency. For starters, we did over 200km of driving over the span of a weekend.

By the time the car went back to the showroom on Monday morning, we achieved a rating of 5.2L/100km, with the lowest within the two days being 5L/100km. Despite a mild hybrid engine, that's nearly, if not exactly, on par with vehicles like the Kia Sorento Hybrid (officially rated at 5.4L/100km). 

As a disclaimer of course, our journey took us mostly on the highway/cruising driving environments and our writer prides themselves on a light right foot. Make no mistake though; by no means were we trudging along at a snail's pace, but rather living life in the fast lane (at safe and legal speeds of course).

The 216i may have a smaller power output but it gets up to cruising speeds effortlessly, and does so with aptitude. While the official rating from BMW is 6.8L/100km, the mild hybrid engine combined with efficient driving skills would make all the difference at the pump.

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This article was first published in CarBuyer.

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