6 old-school snack shops – including one that just opened in the North – to relive your childhood days

PHOTO: Facebook/snacKING Retro Biscuits

It's pretty amazing how one bite from a childhood snack can bring back so many memories.

Unfortunately, Singapore's snack market is currently saturated with options such as salted egg chips and it's hard to come across shops that sell old-school treats these days.

However, this doesn't mean that such nostalgic goodies no longer exist. There are a few rare spots in Singapore that still sell them, including a newly-opened snack store at Northpoint City. Here are some you can check out. 

1. SnacKING Retro Biscuits

Folks in the north can get their cravings satisfied with SnacKING Retro Biscuit, which opened just yesterday (March 28) at the bustling Northpoint City.

Located in the mall's south wing, the open-air shop sells a wide variety of old-school snacks that some of you may recognise like bangle chocolate, jelly cups and iced gems. A number of these snacks are also sold in buckets, making them great sharing options at home or at the office.

If you're too lazy to head north just for some biscuits, you can alternatively visit their website to place an order and have these delivered to you.

Address: Northpoint City, 930 Yishun Ave 2 #02-155, Singapore 769098

2. 90s Candy Society

90s Candy Society is an online-based snack store where you pick out what you want on their website.

Apart from a variety of snacks like sunflower seed chocolate, haw flakes and potato starch wheels, they also sell retro toys and games like Happy Family cards, kuti kuti and magnetic Ludo boards.

If you or your loved ones enjoy surprises, they also have specially curated goodie box subscriptions where the recipient will receive a box of selected snacks at the start of every month.

3. Biscuit King

Biscuit King is one of the better known names on this list and the massive store located at Upper Thompson is famous for its vast range of old-school snacks.

The shop space is lined with tins and tubs of familiar snacks like chocolate cream cookies, animal biscuits and prawn pillows. If you don't fancy the idea of lugging a whole metal can of biscuits home, these are available in smaller packets for your convenience.

There are also buckets brimming with an assortment of vibrant-coloured sweets. Customers can mix and match these to their own preference.

If the shop is a little too out of the way for you, they have an online store too.

Address: 130 Casuarina Road, Singapore 579518

4. Good Old Days

Relive memories of your youth at this snack shop – aptly named Good Old Days. 

Inside, one wall is lined with metal shelves that house rows and rows of goodies stored in metal tins. Definitely a rare sight in these times. 

Snacks to look forward to include pineapple jam biscuits and wafer biscuits in multiple flavours.

Address: Blk 103 Yishun Ring Road, #01-95, Singapore 760103

5. Munch Munch

Tucked away within Chinatown Point Mall is Munch Munch, a small corner store that is packed with snacks and candy from the 80s and 90s.

At the shopfront, there are tall jars brimming with all types of sweets like White Rabbit Candy and haw flakes. One side is stacked with tin containers filled with a selection of biscuits.

Apart from those, they also sell individual packets of popular snacks like Tapioca Sweet Chilli, Pola Snack and Bee-Bee biscuits.

Address: 133 New Bridge Road, #B2-03 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413

6. Teck Leong Lee Kee

This snack store has been around since 1968 and specialises in wholesale chocolate and candy confectionery.

PHOTO: Teck Leong Lee Kee 

Situated within Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park, you can find plenty of sweets from your childhood like Torrone Sour Orange, Push Pop Candy, and Cloud 9 Creme Candy in this shop.

While the shop may seem too old to have an online store, they have a website – in keeping up with the times. 

Address: 5029 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, #01-141, Singapore 569532