6 online therapy & counselling platforms in Singapore

6 online therapy & counselling platforms in Singapore
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Digital healthcare is on the rise, and it’s also expanded to mental health. Whether you’re facing anxiety, grief, burnout , or family and financial problems, it’s only natural to want to seek a listening ear.

And your support network doesn’t just extend to your family members and friends, who may not be professionally trained to be able to help with your mental health concerns . And this is where therapy or counselling sessions come into play.

If you’re strapped for time or think you can open up better from the safety and comfort of your home, digital counselling or therapy could help. Plus, they can often be more affordable than face-to-face sessions.

1. Safe Space

This Singapore start-up and virtual therapy platform, which launched in 2019, hosts a team of clinical therapists whom you can match and book online sessions with through its website or mobile app. It aims to offer fast, discreet and affordable access to mental health therapy.

It was started by Singaporean co-founder Antoinette Patterson, who discovered a gap in mental healthcare after having difficulty in her online search for emergency mental health services for a colleague who was experiencing panic attacks.

All of Safe Space’s counsellors are licensed practitioners under the Singapore Association for Counselling, or Australian Counselling Association, and you can find out more about their specialisations through the website. And apart from teleconsultations, you can also opt for in-person sessions.

Visit Safe Space’s website.

2. SACAC Counselling


SACAC Counselling is one of the oldest mental health care practices in Singapore, having been around since 1973, and has a pool of highly experienced and qualified experts to provide counselling and psychotherapy support to individuals (from preschool children to adults), couples, and families.

You don’t have to be concerned about language barriers, too. Its team is multi-cultural, and can speak various languages and dialects including English, Malay, Bahasa, Hindi, Cantonese, Hokkien and Mandarin, as well as French, Italian, Arabic, and more.

Online sessions are conducted mostly through Skype and Google Meet (though this can be changed to accomodate your preference) and while the service is suitable for most clients of varying ages, it recommends in-person sessions for very young children and those with specific psychiatric issues.

Visit SACAC Counselling’s website.

3. Acceset


This social enterprise founded in 2017 lends a listening ear to youths struggling with challenges, or mental health concerns, be it academic struggles and relationship problems, to family issues and social pressure, through text-based therapy.

Through its digital letter-writing platform, youths can reach out to trained, anonymous confidantes who will reply to their letters, and these will also be vetted by a moderator.

Visit Acceset’s website.

4. CPH Online Counselling

If you’re undergoing marital challenges, parenting challenges, or family violence or issues, drop CPH Online Counselling a line. A pilot project by Community Psychology Hub, it offers online therapy via video, phone or email that is free of charge for all Singaporean residents above 18 years old.

The live chats are available from Mondays to Fridays (from 9am to 6pm) or you can drop them an email any time.

Visit CPH Online Counselling’s website.

5. The Lighthouse Counselling

Psychotherapist and counsellor as well as certified life coach Belinda Lau is behind The Lighthouse Counselling, and has a particular interest in supporting those struggling with family and relationship issues.

Online sessions with her are held via the likes of Skype, Zoom or any other tools her clients are comfortable with. Like her face-to-face sessions, clients have to complete and return a client pack before scheduling an online session, which will last 50 minutes. There’s also a free 10 introductory call

Visit The Lighthouse Counselling’s website.

6. Talk Your Heart Out


This online counselling and coaching platform’s panel of experts include therapists and coaches from diverse backgrounds to help individuals dealing with grief, depression, anxiety, OCD, anger management or those seeking couples and marriage counselling

Online sessions are available after work hours and on weekends, and you can speak to your preferred therapist through video, audio, or a text-based live chat session. An introductory session for individuals is priced at $90, while single sessions are at $120. There are also packages available.

Visit Talk Your Heart Out’s website.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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