6 ways to make your awkward corners simply amazing

PHOTO: Sync Interior Pte Ltd

Although decorating rounded walls and awkward odd corners are very challenging, you will be surprised at how easy to transform them with some aesthetically pleasing yet functional ideas!

When done properly, they can even double up as a design statement feature to set your home apart from others. Scroll down to see 6 ingenious ways to dress up those walls and corners!

1. Customised storage for added space

The easiest way to make an awkward odd corner functional is to create customised storage, either in the form of compact storage settee bench or even vertical storage cabinets or glass displays.

Since customised storage carpentry can be done in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures and material, hence they are brilliant solutions to complement your home interior design.

2. Create an illusion of added height with ceiling to floor curtains

Ceiling to floor curtains is cheap, straightforward, quick fixes to dress up odd corners, while making the ceiling appear taller and windows wider. They are also extremely effective in keeping unsightly clutter under wraps!

3. Make a wow statement wall using fancy tiles

PHOTO: Urban Design

Striking feature wall can supercharge your home interior decorating scheme. Simply create an interesting statement wall using either 3D wallpaper, texture paint or decorative tiles such as mosaic or even glass block tiles.

4. Add a touch of elegance with rounded corners

Add a touch of class to ordinary drywall corners with bullnose corners. Aside from aesthetically pleasing, since rounded edges soften the look of awkward corners and add visual interest, they are also much more damage resistant.

5. Square off with fabricated walls

PHOTO: Charlton Design

Having an awkward nook in the bathroom does not mean you have to give up on your bathroom vanity basin! Simply get your renovation professionals to design and fabricate a wall to "square off" the odd corner to make the area splash-proof, prior to installing the installation.

6. Turn them into cosy corners

PHOTO: Sync Interior Pte Ltd

Make toasts, brew some coffee and or simply sip some wine in these cosy chill-out nooks. If chilling out is not your cup of tea, you can also deck this corner with a chair or table, complete with or some throw pillows for curling up with a good book or ebook.

This article was first published in Renonation