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$7 for a sardine puff? Netizens stunned by price Chef Bob paid for an Old Chang Kee snack in London

$7 for a sardine puff? Netizens stunned by price Chef Bob paid for an Old Chang Kee snack in London
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Chefbob

How much would you pay for a quick snack on the go?

Local TV personality Chef Bob recently came across popular Singapore brand Old Chang Kee while on a trip to London.

Putting on a quirky accent for show, Chef Bob interacted with the staff and kindly asked for a sardine puff — a much-needed warm snack amid the unfriendly London weather.

The only issue was that this would come at a cost — his one piece of snack set him back £4.25 (S$7).

A similar sardine puff in an Old Chang Kee back home would cost him only $2. So, that's a 250-per-cent increase in price.

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To be fair, Chef Bob didn't have a lot of cheaper options at the stall.

A beef rendang puff was slightly pricier, at £4.50, while the vegetarian curry potato puff, at £3.80, wasn't exactly cheap either.

Chef Bob was keen on pairing his snack with teh tarik, but it seemed like the Old Chang Kee staff did not quite understand what he was requesting for.

After some back and forth between them, the staff said: "Pardon? Tea? Sorry, we don't serve hot drinks."

Oh well, looks like Chef Bob had to settle for his sardine puff alone. Not that it bothered him too much.

He noted that it's actually quite normal to crave our local food when we're overseas.

"Sardine epok-epok at this kind of weather, you see, [is a] perfect combination," Chef Bob said.

In the comments section, netizens were shocked at how expensive Old Chang Kee is in London.

"Better eat slowly to make the $7 worth [it]," one netizen said.

One TikTok user described the price Chef Bob paid for a curry puff as "insane".

To which, the chef duly replied: "Wait till you see the price of nasi lemak bro."

In Singapore, an order of nasi lemak doesn't come at exorbitant prices. This one food joint even sells it for $1.

But it's a bit different in London. For example, at the popular Singaporean restaurant Mei Mei, located in Borough Market, a plate of nasi lemak costs roughly $18.

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