8 must-have kitchen tools & gadgets under $30 from Amazon (2021)

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Turn your meal prep from quite-a-chore to no-more-bore with these eight nifty kitchen tools and gadgets from Amazon — think corn-cob strippers, compartmentalised cereal bowls and more!

With Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) in full swing and the blurred lines of WFH and mental wellness, eating seems to be the only reprieve we have in these uncertain times.

While takeaways are an easy option, there’s only so many times one can dabao before it starts adding up. That’s where meal preparation comes in.

Though we save some money by becoming our own chefs , slaving away every Sunday can become quite a drag without proper equipment. Enter: eight amazing Amazon kitchen tools and gadgets that can elevate any meal by making the process just a little more fun.

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1. Corn cob stripper

PHOTO: Amazon

Why it’s perfect for the kitchen: Get a stripper on a budget! (A corn cob stripper, that is.) Don’t waste any kernels with this kitchen gadget — all you have to do is twist as you push the cob through, et voila!

Made with 304 stainless steel, its highly durable blade allows the kernels to fall off quickly. Hello delicious salads and tortillas!

Price: US$5.72 (S$7.60)

2. Clip-on silicone colander

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Why it’s perfect for the kitchen: The worst part about cooking pasta? Precision when it comes to straining. Do it too fast and you end up with pasta in the sink — do it too slow, and you may go way past al dente.

However, with this clip-on silicone colander that fits any pot, pan, or bowl, you now can strain your noodles or pasta with ease!

Plus, we absolutely love their description —  take the strain out of straining.

Price: US$16.99 

3. Bed frame kitchen sponge holder

PHOTO: Amazon

Why it’s perfect for the kitchen: Not everything has to be purely functional , it’s perfectly fine to have a little bit of fun in the kitchen — especially when they look as cute as this sponge holder!

If you’ve ever dreamt about Remy from Ratatouille giving you a hand in the kitchen, this would probably be where he lays his head after a hard day’s work!

Price: US$15 

4. Never-soggy cereal bowl

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Why it’s perfect for the kitchen: No matter how lazy mornings can be, soggy cereal should never be something we settle for.

This OBOL cereal bowl alleviates all morning grievances by doing what we’ve never asked, but are grateful for — cereal and milk separation in a single bowl! Its added grip ensures that you’ll always have a handle on your breakfast wherever you are, in bed or on the go.

Price: US$18.95 

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5. Dishwashing scrubber gloves

PHOTO: Amazon

Why it’s perfect for the kitchen: It may look triggering for some— but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Picture this: no more slippery dishes, no need for sponges, and it could double up as oven mittens! Now, who can say no to cleaning when you’ve got these multi-functional scrubber gloves?

Price: US$6.99 

6. Electric egg cooker

PHOTO: Amazon

Why it’s perfect for the kitchen: Don’t leave your eggs to chance— this electric egg-cooker makes light work of perfecting not one, but up to six eggs just the way you like it – think hard-boiled, medium, or soft-boiled!

There’s even a poaching and omelette tray so you can be that gourmet champion we always knew you were!

Price: US$19.99

7. Egg ring

PHOTO: Amazon

Why it’s perfect for the kitchen: Since we’re talking eggs, this egg ring is something you’ve probably passed upon before but should not have, I mean, how can you say no to perfectly round sunny-side ups?

All you need to do is preheat the rings with your pan, and get some oil in there before introducing the egg.

Soon your sunny-side-up will be ready to blanket your avocado toast. Just pair it with a flat white and you’ve got cafe vibes right at home.

Price: US$12.95 

8. Multi-purpose electric grinder

PHOTO: Amazon

Why it’s perfect for the kitchen: Primarily used to grind coffee beans, it can also be used to grind other food items like spices. It’s quiet so you don’t wake the light-sleepers at home, and it comes with a removable grinding chamber that can be washed after use.

Coffee fiends will be happy to know that this bad boy grinds up to 12 cups worth of coffee!

Price: US$19.99 

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