8 new skincare power products for radiant, glowing skin

8 new skincare power products for radiant, glowing skin
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When it comes to skincare products, there is a wide variety of different brands churning out unique formulas. In them, a wide variety of ingredients are used to tackle common skin issues. Some of them are holy grails on our shelves — such as Vitamin C and water lilies. Others are not so common; think marula oil and blueberry seed oil.

These powerful ingredients turn our skincare into what we at the Weekly like to call 'power products'. In short: They supercharge the skin with a feel-good and look-good lit-from-within glow.

These eight new skincare products fit the bill. Whether you’re looking for a first-of-its-kind sunscreen hybrid serum or a cleanser that also works as an exfoliator and makeup remover, keep reading!

Caudalie Vinergetic C+ line, from $49, from Sephora


Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient that has the ability to brighten up the skin tone, keep the skin looking youthful and plump, and even heal wounds. However, it can quickly lose its effectiveness due to its unstable nature that causes it to oxidise quickly in the light.

Caudalie’s Vinergetic C+ line has thus been formulated to combat this downside through stabilising the ingredient four times.

The line consists of the Brightening Eye Cream ($49), Vitamin C Energy Serum ($68), three-in-one Vitamin C Energy Moisturiser ($56), and the Overnight Detox Oil ($62). All four products are power products that aim to brighten the skin and ensure a revitalised and fresh look.

In addition to Vitamin C+, the products are also formulated with hyaluronic acid and 100 per cent antioxidant Polyphenols to combat fatigue and stressed-out skin, making them great choices for a working lady.

Buy it in Sephora stores islandwide or online.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil, $170, from Sephora


If you are looking for a facial oil that is stock full of super-ingredients that will keep your skin plump and hydrated, Charlotte Tilbury’s Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil ($170) may be what you are looking for. 

With a vitamin-rich base, some of the notable oils used are Babussu oil which has high moisturising properties, Blueberry seed oil to improve skin barrier function, and Raspberry seed oil to improve the appearance of skin.

Some other key ingredients include Collageneer which reduces the appearance of sagging skin and Maxnolia O which lessens redness on the skin while boosting hydration levels.

Clinical test results have shown that testers see their skin looking 389 per cent more radiant and 337 per cent smoother in just two months.

Buy it in selected Sephora stores or online.

Supergoop!’s Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40, $68, from Sephora


Sunscreens protect you from UV rays — but what if they can also brighten your skin at the same time? Supergoop!’s Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40 ($68) is a high-potency Vitamin C and sunscreen hybrid, making it the first serum of its kind. 

This power product has the ability to not only prevent the appearance of dark spots but also give you that luminous lit-from-within glow everyone wants to achieve. 

In the mix of the formula, other brightening ingredients such as Kakadu Plum Extract and Niacinamide are added to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores — all whilst improving skin elasticity. 

Buy it in Sephora stores islandwide or online.

Clarins Bright Plus range, from $75, Clarins


Clarin’s Bright Plus Advanced Brightening Dark Spot-Targeting Serum is a cult-favourite for its effectiveness in fighting off dark spots caused by pollution. Now, Clarins has expanded the line with three new products that aim to produce radiant skin in 14 days.

The Dark Spot-Targeting Moisturizing Emulsion ($105), Dark Spot-Targeting Treatment Essence ($75) and Dark Spot-Targeting Milky Essence ($75) are all formulated with rose myrtle and acerola seed extract, two power superfruit ingredients that boost cell respiration. This helps our cells to release waste products at a faster rate.

Similar to the Dark Spot-Targeting Serum, the new releases also help to keep the skin bright and looking flawless by targeting dark spots caused by external pollution. They also provide providing the skin with a much-needed hydration boost. The emulsion, in particular, is formulated with organic sea lily to help facilitate this.

Buy it in Clarins boutiques, counters, or online.

Glowdrop $112, from Sephora


Change up your skincare game by introducing the Glowdrop ($112) to your routine. This four-in-one device is a soft, silicone cleansing brush that does four things:

  • Lift dirt, oil, and dead skin easily with bacteria-repelling silicone nubs
  • Get rid of breakouts and calm inflammation with red and blue LED light
  • Increases absorption of skincare products with a warming "Thermo-Glo Booster"
  • Ease tension when held at pressure points with a built-in sonic massage tip

This multi-purpose device is not only good for the skin but also aims to promote self-care while you look after your appearance (we are also firm believers that taking care of your skin is a form of self-care in its own way!).

You can get this gadget in black or pink to fit your aesthetic as you strive towards healthier and clearer skin.

Buy it online.

Skin Design London's Face Bath, $125, from Net-A-Porter


Looking for a luxurious cleanser that will leave your skin with a radiant glow that will rival your favourite celebs? Face Bath ($125) from Skin Design London is rich in anti-oxidants that dissolves dead skin and gets rid of impurities from pores.

In the container, the product has a creamy consistency. However, upon contact with water, it transforms into a velvety oil that removes dirt from the skin. It is also suitable to be used as a makeup remover and an exfoliator — we love a three-in-one!

This cleanser is formulated with powerful ingredients such as plant-based fruit (to boost collagen, target age spots, and exfoliate the skin), organic hibiscus flower extract (to reduce pores), aromatic rose (to balance pH levels and even skin tone), and more!

Buy it here.

Dior La Mousse Off/On Cleanser, $69, from Dior


Makeup removers have never looked so sexy. This luxury product is formulated with water lilies that are known for their purifying properties and their ability to stimulate the natural detoxing process in the skin. The flower also plays a part in regulating the ecosystem, and can, in turn, preserve the skin’s pH and maintain hydration levels in the skin.

So when it comes to the La Mousse Off/On Cleanser, it is able to not only remove all traces of makeup from the skin but also soothe any irritation.

While the product turns into foam when in contact with water, it is not stripping like foam cleansers are normally feared to be. This means that you can use it no matter your skin type — sensitive or dry!

Buy it in Dior boutiques, counters, and online.

Drunk Elephant A-Gloei Maretinol Oil, $105, from Sephora


Retinol is the one skincare ingredient that will never go out of trend. Whether you are a new retinol user or an experienced one, Drunk Elephant’s A-Gloei Maretinol Oil is formulated with marula oil to gently deliver retinol to your skin without causing redness or irritation (yes please!).

And most importantly, this product uses a gentle dose of retinol that is just enough to clarify, even out, boost the skin’s natural glow, and more.

With these two powerful ingredients, as well as ceramides that help boost skin elasticity, this face oil is vegan and cruelty-free to make sure you get the best for your skin without hurting the environment.

Buy it at selected Sephora stores or online.

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