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8 places to get customised furniture

8 places to get customised furniture
PHOTO: Grey and Sanders

Always wanted a home that is truly unique? Get furniture that is customised exactly to your needs and lifestyle. Here are 8 places to get your one-of-a-kind pieces:

1. Blafink

What you can customise: Upholstered furniture like sofas and beds

With a very intuitive website, Blafink makes getting a customised furniture super easy. You select from standard designs which you can then further customise to make it your own.

For instance, with sofas, you get to choose the height of the sofa back, the firmness level of your cushion and the leg type. With beds, you get to input your mattress height and choose the height of your frame to determine your sitting height.

They offer a wide range of fabrics to go with your upholstered furniture. View the full collection of swatches at their showroom.

Reach out to them at

2. Second Charm


What you can customise: Rattan furniture

If you've always enjoyed the casual, laidback look or just want a bit of tropical flair in your home, you'll want to get Second Charm to do your furniture.

They mainly specialise in rattan and woven furniture, although they also do wood pieces. Popular customisations include bed frames, dining chairs, bar stools and bedside tables. Lead time for beds can go from 6 to 8 weeks.

Reach out to them on Instagram @second.charm

3. Mr Woodblock


What you can customise: Wood furniture

This carpenter does all sort of standalone solid wood pieces, anything from kids furniture and TV consoles to benches and dining tables. He is currently based in Melbourne, so the pieces have to be shipped to Singapore on a fee.

Besides being able to choose the type of wood (Tasmanian Oak, Sydney Blue Gum and American Ash, and whatever they can source Down Under), you also get to pick the type of finishing.

Highlights include Shou Sugi Ban, which is a Japanese technique that chars the wood to preserve it, as well as ceruse, which involves highlighting the grains on the wood pieces.

Reach out to them at

4. Sofzleep

What you can customise: Mattresses

From oval-shaped mattresses to mattresses that fit the size of your baby cots, these are the guys to go to if you truly want a good night's sleep.

Common requests include extra-large mattresses as well as his-and-her mattress that have split firmness levels-great if you and your sleeping partner have different sleeping habits.

Expect a lead time of 4 to 8 weeks for customised mattresses, which are also covered under a 10-year warranty.

Reach out to them at

5. Grey and Sanders


What you can customise: Wood slab table tops

This retailer specialises in wood slabs, which you can customise to fit to your exact specifications. They are great for use as table tops, although they can also be used as a wall-mounted bar table or in areas of the home like dry kitchens and dry bathrooms as countertops.

Grey and Sanders sources their woods from all over the world, and the types include, but are not limited to, American Black Walnut, Indonesian Teak and French Oak.

Reach out to them at

6. Arete Culture

What you can customise: Modern, Hamptons style furniture

For luxury living, get your furniture customised by Arete Culture. They are mostly known for their interior design services, but they also do quite a bit of furniture themselves.

Most of their customised pieces feature a streamlined, modern silhouette that won't feel out of place in a contemporary or Hamptons style home. You can choose the type of material, the hardware, and the finishing method. Swatches and samples are available for viewing in their showroom.

A fuss-free side table costs upwards of $400 while a sophisticated console ranges from $1,000.

Reach out to them at

7. Like Lights by GuerillaX


What you can customise: Lighting

Like Lights offer customisable modules for their range of lamps, so what you see may not be what you get. Their designs are very trendy, and would fit in nicely with any type of home.

You get to choose the number of outlets and colours you want for your ceiling base, the cable colours and lengths, the type of finish for your bulb holder and for shades made from metal or hand-blown glass, you also get to customise the diameter.

Reach out to them at

8. Hacienda Blue


Want a statement piece in your space that will definitely get your guests talking? Reach out to the folks at Hacienda Blue, who are known for doing custom inlay furniture.

Inlay furniture is made using a very specialised and meticulous technique of incorporating hand-carved bone or other materials into wood furniture to create intricate patterns.

In their instance, they mainly use bone or mother-of-pearl. The retailer is able to do up your favourite patterns, designs, colours and dimensions, so you will get a piece that is truly your own.

Reach out to them at

This article was first published in Renonation.

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