8 sex moves that will take you from good to great in the bedroom

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If you’re experiencing boredom in the bedroom, sometimes simply changing your sex moves can be enough to make things between you and your husband feel electric again.

Best of all, you don’t have to be an athlete to pull any of these moves off to get off! These alternative positions are all totally doable and totally hot, hot, hot.

1. Teeny triangle

This position is a simple modification of classic missionary that’s easy but produces big results! Lying down with your legs bent allows him to penetrate deeper when he’s in a kneeling position.

2. Support master

You’ll need to find a table or chair that’s about waist-high or a little lower for this move but it’ll be worth it. By taking advantage of the slight incline you’ll feel tons of pleasure but be sure to get a good grip on your furniture of choice so you don’t wobble around.

3. Squatting lotus

This one’s a little tricky but not impossible to do even if you’re not in your fittest state at the moment. Face your husband and squat down while he supports his legs on your shoulders (he can also hold on to you so you don’t topple) and use your opposing weights to thrust up and down.

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4. Sitting pretty

This position doesn’t require any extra effort on your part but your spouse does need some upper body strength to support you. Sit on top of him while he uses his arms and legs to thrust upwards towards you.

5. Reverse cowgirl

Get on top of him, but face the other way for a fresh spin on the woman on top position. It’ll give both of you a fresh new perspective on each other’s bodies and inject a little bit more spice into your usual sexual routine.

6. Facing each other

As your husband kneels, sit on his lap facing him and lean back placing your hands and legs at a right angle on the bed for support. You will both feel the intensity of looking directly at each other during such an intimate moment.

7. Feet up

This is another easy position that has big time rewards. Simply lie down on the bed and prop your legs on your husband’s shoulders for support. He’s in control of the movement and you’re there to enjoy the ride.

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8. Doggy style

The term “doggy style” isn’t very romantic but it’s one of the most amazing sex positions for G-spot stimulation. Modify this move by lying on your stomach for a different take on this classic position.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.