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9 simple, random acts of kindness to celebrate World Kindness Day

9 simple, random acts of kindness to celebrate World Kindness Day
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Nov 13 marks the annual World Kindness Day, a global 24-hour celebration dedicated to paying it forward and spreading positive vibes.

Kindness begets kindness and everyone can help in making the world a kinder and better place. Wouldn't the world be an amazing place if we could continue with the kindness on a daily basis too?

Here are nine simple ways you can help inspire people around you to kick start a kinder lifestyle change:

1. Pay it forward

Start a chain reaction of paying kindness forward by paying for the person behind you when you queue up at a hawker centre or coffee shop. 

2. Tip a little extra

Ordered up a feast via food delivery? Spend a tiny bit more and tip the delivery driver a little extra for their effort.

You never know just how far your little act of kindness might take him.

3. It doesn't cost anything to smile

Promise yourself to smile the first three people you see.

You never know what people are going through and you might just be the only one who smiles at them all day, and it doesn't cost a cent either.

4. Take cupcakes to work

Everyone loves a free treat, so treat your colleagues to cupcakes or donuts just for no reason at all.

It'll foster team bonding and everyone will remember the kind deed that you did.

5. Write a handwritten letter

When was the last time you received a handwritten note?

Exactly. In this day and age of tech and social media, no one has the time (or want) to pen down a letter when you can get away with emails and instant messages.

Change that with a small hand-written note to a loved one and get the ball rolling.

6. Ship a care package

Know someone who's feeling homesick or going through a rough patch being away from home?

Be kind and send them a care package, filled with their favourite goodies and things they might miss from home. 

7. Walk down memory lane with a senior citizen

We all have seniors in our lives who might feel a bit useless and unable to keep up with modern times.

Bring a smile to their faces by spending some time with them and asking them to tell you about their past.

Your interest will make them happy and you might just learn a thing or two in the process too.

8. Begin and end your day with gratitude

Starting today, think positive thoughts and try pushing away negative ones.

Be thankful for what you have, and trust the journey you're on. And if possible, try to avoid judging anyone - you never know what they're going through.

9. Be kind to yourself

Remember you can't fill someone else's cup if you're running on empty yourself.

Make time to look after yourself, and treat yourself to something that you like - a movie, a good book, whatever it is that feeds your soul.

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