'Add more brightness to their day': Man surprises couple at mass marriage vow renewal with impromptu sketch

'Add more brightness to their day': Man surprises couple at mass marriage vow renewal with impromptu sketch
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Jeffandpencil

There aren't many things more romantic than a couple reciting their marriage vows during a wedding ceremony. 

But a renewal of marriage vow might just edge it.

This celebratory ceremony allows a married couple to reaffirm their commitment to each other and Jeff Lai recently stumbled upon such an event at a void deck of an HDB block in Woodlands. 

He came across many adorable couples holding hands at a mass marriage vow renewal ceremony, but Jeff was specifically drawn to one.

"I want to add more brightness to their day," he said.

Last Sunday (Sept 17), he posted a 90-second clip on TikTok of how the couple reacted to receiving a personalised gift from him.

With just his pencil and a piece of paper, Jeff was able to put a smile to the couple's face.


Giving stranger a sketch

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He sketched a beautiful portrait of them, before writing: "May your love story be the inspiration for all of us."

Upon receiving the sketch, the woman was in pure disbelief.

She seemed taken aback by the quality of Jeff's work and asked if he's drawn the other couples at the event.

"I only draw one, you are special. Surprise," Jeff responded.

The woman revealed that she's been married for 45 years and Jeff asked her what's her secret to maintaining a successful marriage.

The lady brushed it off before saying that there is "no secret". She did, however, mention that couples should "show understanding to each other".

Her friend also joined in and felt that there are a few important pointers to note. For one, respect is key for a marriage to be successful.

She added: "We also need to give opportunity for our partner to change."

MP Poh Li San was in attendance as the guest of honour for the event and she too received a special portrait from Jeff.

"Wow, amazing. Very, very nice," the 47-year-old politician said.

AsiaOne has reached out to Jeff for more information.

Delighting strangers

Interacting with strangers through his art is Jeff's special skill.

The bulk of content on his TikTok account Jeffandpencil is of him surprising strangers with sketches.

In June 2022, Jeff worked his magic while on the MRT.

An unsuspecting commuter was simply using her phone throughout the ride and ended up with a realistic portrait of herself from Jeff.

Upon seeing the piece of artwork, her eyes lit up as she thanked him profusely.

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