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Affordable folding bicycles between $300 and $400: Save up to $128 in transport costs every month!

Affordable folding bicycles between $300 and $400: Save up to $128 in transport costs every month!
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Picture this: You're on your way to work, and you finally reached the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) platform.

OMG! There's barely any space to stand, let alone space for you to hop on the train.

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Maybe you take the bus to work instead, so how about this scenario:

You reach the crowded bus stop, and you see the bus shut its doors and pull away from the station… Ouch…

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Honestly, what hurts wouldn't be the fall, it's the fact that I will be late for work. Of course, some might say, "Why not leave the house earlier?"

Be honest with me, I'm sure there are some of you who take forever to get ready for the day and those of you whose alarms always "don't work". *wink wink*

Then again, most of us are not rich enough to call ride-hailing services every time so that's not a reliable option. Hence, we are here to give you an alternative option, get yourself a foldable bicycle and save yourself some money!

TL;DR: Best foldable bicycles in Singapore between $300 to $400

Model Price Available colours Weight Folded dimensions Wheel size
ZEPHYR Foldable Bike 26 Inch (JIJI SG) $319 Black, White 21kg Not Stated About 66cm (26 inches)
Tilt 500 XS 14 Inch Folding Bike $330-$360 Silver, White 9kg 60cm x 66cm x 38cm About 35.6cm (14 inches)
Java Zelo V2 20inch Foldable Bicycle $339 Red, Green, Black, Blue 13.5kg 65cm x 35cm x 91cm Not stated
Hito Folding Bike Suspension Bicycle 20 Inch $350 White, Black, Green Not Stated 85cm x 60cm x 30cm 50cm
HACHIKO HA-01 20 Inch Foldable Bicycle $380 Black, Orange, White 12kg 80cm x 75cm x 45cm About 50.8cm (20 inches)

Foldable bikes vs normal bikes 

So why opt for a foldable bike over a normal bike?

Well, a foldable bike is easier to carry around and you can bring it into your office instead of parking it outside where you risk having it stolen or vandalised. Furthermore, because of its size, you can just fold it up and store it at home so it won't take up too much space.

Worried that you won't use it as much if you change jobs or move to a different place? Fret not, you won't have a problem selling the bikes off on Carousell if you no longer need one in the future.

1. ZEPHYR foldable bike 26-inch (JIJI SG)

PHOTO: Shopee

Price: $319

Colour(s): Black, white

Weight: 21kg

Folded dimensions: Not stated

Wheel size: About 66cm (26 inches)

2. Tilt 500 XS 14-inch folding bike 

PHOTO: Decathlon

Price: $330-$360

Colour(s): Silver, white

Weight: 9kg

Folded dimensions: 60cm x 66cm x 38cm

Wheel size: About 35.6cm (14 inches)

3. Java Zelo V2 20-inch foldable bicycle

PHOTO: Passion Gadgets

Price: $339

Colour(s): Red, green, black, blue 

Weight: 13.5kg

Folded dimensions: 65cm x 35cm x 91cm

Wheel size: Not stated

4. Hito folding bike suspension bicycle 20-inch 

PHOTO: Shopee

Price: $350

Colour(s): White, black, green 

Weight: Not stated

Folded dimensions: 85cm x 60cm x 30cm

Wheel size: 50cm

5. HACHIKO HA-01 20-inch foldable bicycle 

PHOTO: Shopee

Price: $380

Colour(s): Black, orange, white 

Weight: 12kg

Folded dimensions: 80cm x 75cm x45cm

Wheel size: About 50.8cm (20 inches)

How much you can save riding a bike vs your daily commute 

PHOTO: Tenor

I'm sure all of you are tired of hearing the same thing again and again. Riding a bike is better for the environment, it's good exercise, blah blah blah.

So I'm not gonna bore you with all these typical reasons. Let's talk about reasons that appeal to all of us!

Firstly, rising bikes give us more flexibility over our time, we don't have to keep looking at a screen to know when the MRT or Bus is coming, we can just ride whenever we are ready. No waiting, no crowds, and no unforeseen delays.

Next, we have the most important reason of all, you can save money when you opt to ride bicycles to work!

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Let's say your daily commute to work costs about $2 per trip , a daily trip to and from your workplace will end up costing you $80 a month. And that doesn't include people who need to make multiple trips in a day.

For those who travel a lot and are considering a monthly travel pass, that would cost you $128 a month.

With a foldable bike, you can easily ride to work, and if you need to travel for work, it will be a handy tool to have around!

If you think spending on a foldable bike is expensive, think of how much you actually spent over the years on travelling to work! Is it time to consider switching to foldable bikes?

This article was first published in Seedly.

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