Best kombucha in Singapore: Guilt-free bubbles great for your digestive system

Best kombucha in Singapore: Guilt-free bubbles great for your digestive system
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Alongside keto diets, juice cleanses and superfoods, kombucha has become increasingly popular – even commonplace – amongst the healthy food and drink devotees.

For the newly-initiated, this fizzy drink is tea fermented using a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (also known as scoby), which result in plenty of probiotics to aid our digestive system and other health benefits.

Plus, you’ll find them being enhanced with natural sweeteners and available in floral and fruity flavours. So instead of cracking open a soft drink this week, check out these bubbly beverages for a guilt-free alternative.

1. Antidote


Joining Antidote’s family of all-natural juices is a new line of kombucha. Made with 100 per cent real fruits and sans preservatives, it comes in three deliciously refreshing flavours: Tropical Earth made with grapefruit, coconut and milk thistle, a blend of watermelon and baobab in Evergreen, whilst Revitalising Red includes Japanese cucumber, celery and red apple.

Brimming with antioxidants and probiotics, their kombucha is low in calories and boasts health benefits. such as detoxification of the liver. Try all three flavours with the Triple Flavour Pack ($44.90 for six 250ml bottles).

Shop Antidote here .

2. Wild Boocha


Taking much care in handcrafting their artisanal kombucha in small batches, Wild Boocha uses fresh fruits, herbs and organic tea in their smooth and bubbly drinks.

All 300ml bottles are priced at $6.50 each; flavours include the light and crisp Yuzu Lavender , sweet yet tangy Raspberry Passionfruit , as well as a green tea-based Harmony Adaptogenic Kombucha consisting medicinal herbs like tulsi and amla powder.

Want to try your hand at brewing kombucha at home? Wild Boocha’s Kombucha Brewing Starter Kit has everything you need, and get 10per cent off till the end of November 2020.

Shop Wild Boocha here .

3. Starter Culture


How does one pass up kombucha brewed by a man whose moniker is Singapore’s Prince of Fermentation?

Known for his unique fermentation techniques, food scientist Tan Ding Jie produces kombucha with Ceylon tea and raw cane sugar that’s retailing at Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee’s VivoCity outlet at $8.60 per bottle.

We’re also thrilled about their collaboration with Matchaya for two invigorating flavours: Lavender Yuzu Houjicha and Momo Sencha ($7.50 each).

Get Starter Culture Kombucha at Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee (VivoCity), 1 Harbourfront Walk Unit #B2-23, Singapore 098585. For kombucha from the Starter Culture x Matchaya collaboration, visit their website here .

4. Miss Kefir


Give your liver a good cleanse with Miss Kefir’s Raw Kombuchas . Each flavour is an intricate blend of various teas and organic sugar left to ferment for at least two weeks to draw out healthy bacteria, yeasts and enzymes.

Love ginger ale? Try the Ginger Beer Kombucha ($7, 330ml) made with ethically-sourced ginger powder from Thailand. Floral and fruity, Hoppy Hops Kombucha ($7.50, 330ml) is flavoured with herbal hops and has a beautifully clean finish.

It also makes a pretty good substitute for beer if you’re after an alcohol-free night.

Miss Kefir is located at 308 Telok Kurau Road, #01-06 Vibes @ East Coast, Singapore 423858. Alternatively, you can shop for their products on their website.

5. Le Vyr


It’s unconventional flavours galore at homegrown brewery Le Vyr. Their locally-inspired kombucha are deep rooted in nostalgia and familiarity, and fermented over three weeks. Their latest offering, Herbal Remedy Kombucha ($8, 330ml), might raise a few eyebrows because Pei Pa Koa-flavoured.

Expect a soothing liquid with hints of loquat, refreshing menthol mint and honey. For a taste of the other flavours, their 5-pack Tasting Bundl e ($35.50 for five 330ml bottles) includes Singapore Sling , Teh O and Kopi O .

Shop Le Vyr here .

6. The Gut’s Feeling


Truly a boon to your gut, The Gut’s Feeling prides themselves on serving up wholesome eats and fermented functional food. Their Signature Kombucha series ($5 for 120ml) is touted as a health elixir and liver tonic, with a choice of green tea, English Breakfast or peppermint tea as their base.

The fermented teas are all crafted in-house for more than 25 days to create exquisite kombucha rich in organic acids. Immune Boost is chock full of summery flavours with guava, lime and citrus while Heart Healthy is floral and fruity mix of raspberry, hibiscus and strawberry.

The Gut’s Feeling is located at One North, 1 Fusionopolis Place, #01-16/17, Singapore 138522 . Alternatively, you can shop for their products on their website.

7. Shouchai Kombucha


The newest kid on the kombucha block is Shouchai’s artisanal Kombucha accentuated with tropical fruits.They brew up affordable fizzy goodness carefully and sustainably using aromatic black tea.

Feel like you’re on an island with the almost-juicy Mango Kombucha ($6.50, 500ml) or crisp and zesty Pineapple Kombucha ($6.50, 500ml).

The newest flavour, Kaffir Leaf Kombucha ($6.50, 500ml), is thoroughly infused with the refreshing fragrance of the Kaffir Lime Leaf.

Shop Shouchai Kombucha here .

This article was first published in City Nomads.

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