Brace yourself: Restaurant in Bugis offering 5-litre bubble milk tea for $28.80, with 1kg of boba pearls

Brace yourself: Restaurant in Bugis offering 5-litre bubble milk tea for $28.80, with 1kg of boba pearls
PHOTO: Screengrabs/Instagram/Wongfufusg

Something's bubbling over at North Bridge Road.

Taiwanese restaurant Wong Fu Fu has released its latest drink, the Ultimate Mega Bubble Milk Tea.

That's five litres of milk tea all in one gigantic glass.

Let's not forget the boba pearls, of course. After all, what's bubble tea without boba pearls, right?

Wong Fu Fu's latest creation comes with one kilogramme of bouncy boba pearls and grass jelly balls.

The Taiwanese restaurant announced its brand-new monster-sized drink last Sunday (April 14) on its social media accounts.

Each giant glass of milk tea goes for $28.80++ a la carte and customers are promised "an adventure with every sip".

The promotion kicked off on April 12 and will run till May 5.

So there's no need to rush down to Bugis, there's plenty of time to give the drink a try.

If you're grabbing a weekday lunch (that's 12pm to 5pm) in Wong Fu Fu, the massive jug of milk tea is free should you spend a minimum of $168, before GST and service charge.

From 5pm onwards, the minimum spend goes up to $228 if you want to get your hands on the Ultimate Mega Bubble Milk Tea for free.

On its Instagram post, Wong Fu Fu noted that the drink was created in honour of International Bubble Tea Day, which falls on April 30.

The restaurant will also be having one-for-one bubble milk tea deals on April 30, so save that date.

On social media, the reaction to this bubble tea has been largely that of excitement.

Netizens headed to the comments sections of Instagram users who've given this special drink a try.

Sugar, sugar

While the drink's sugar content was not revealed, netizens seemed intrigued by the idea of chugging a giant sweet beverage.

"Five litres of sugar," one Instagram user commented, adding a laughing emoji thereafter.

Another mentioned how they were keen on giving the massive jug of bubble milk tea a try but was "scared [of getting] diabetes".

But, according to a diner, Wong Fu Fu has lowered the sweetness level of the Ultimate Mega Bubble Milk Tea so that it's "just nice to drink".

Regardless, it's probably unwise to glug this entire glass of bubble tea alone.

So round up your bubble tea-loving gang and share the love. As they say, everything in moderation.

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