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This breast-flattening bra from Japan will reduce your cup size to 'almost entirely flat'

This breast-flattening bra from Japan will reduce your cup size to 'almost entirely flat'
PHOTO: Twitter/@shiomi333871

Is bigger really better? Well, the short answer is no. Especially for top-heavy girls who suffer regularly from backaches and unwanted stares. 

Let's not even mention about exercising with that double D. I've had classmates who complained about finding it difficult to run or be agile during physical education classes. Instead of being proud of their assets, they find them a burden. 

Japanese company Grand Bleu’s Hadakakushi has designed the Petamune Maker, which translate to "flat breasts".

Before you ask the pertinent question, 'but why?', the breast-flattening bra was essentially made for cosplayers who want to cross-dress as their favourite male character. 

It can also be used by girls who have trouble finding clothes to fit, or as a sports bra for better support during a workout.

Chesty girls can now reduce their cup size aesthetically without going under the knife or feeling suffocated from binding their breasts. We're not sure if it would alleviate that backache though.

One downside of the Petamune Maker is that you're choosing comfort over style — it doesn't look sexy, and they look like granny bras. But hey, aren't granny panties all the rage? Make it a matching set! Anyway, who has to know what you're wearing under your outfit, as long as they provide comfort and make you feel confident. 

The design also resembles training bras, somewhat a rite of passage girls go through before becoming a woman. The material is stretchy, the shoulder straps are thick, and the bra cups are made with breathable mesh for ventilation.

By the looks of it, it'll give maximum support, so it's unlikely to find unsightly spills from the sides or top of the bra. If you're looking for a t-shirt bra, this one looks rather promising. 

The company also claims the bra will reduce breasts in cup-sized B and H to become "almost entirely flat", which can be seen on the before and after images. 

If you're still unconvinced about how effective the Petamune Maker is, Japanese Twitter user @shiomi333871 shared a photo of her showing the difference in cups sizes after trying the bra out. 

She mentioned that the bra will set you back about 5,000 yen (S$66.63), but most importantly it "doesn't hurt, and it doesn't slip."

A quick check on its website shows that it costs 3,036 yen, which is still slightly pricier as compared to a regular bra from Uniqlo that cost less than half of the price of the Petamune Maker.

Would you get this bra?

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