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Car review: The facelifted Peugeot 5008 is a great family SUV with newfound style

Car review: The facelifted Peugeot 5008 is a great family SUV with newfound style

With the recent facelift of the Peugeot 5008, those looking for a practical seven-seater SUV with touch of design flair have a new option to choose from.

Refreshed exterior

Indeed, most of the changes to this facelifted car are on its exterior. At the front, you get a new frameless grille, with whiskers that extend out to reach under the head lights. Said lights also get new LED technology and sabre-tooth like extensions that reach downwards for a truly unique light signature.

And at the rear, the new LED taillights get scrolling indicators as well as a redesign to further bring out Peugeot's iconic three-claw light signature.

Avant-garde interior

Step into the new Peugeot 5008 and you'll find a few more changes inside. The central infotainment screen has been upgraded to a 10-inch unit for Allure Premium trim variants, and features new quick access buttons on either side. It is also now tilted towards the driver.

And up ahead of the steering wheel rests an upgraded 12.3-inch digital head-up instrument cluster, which now utilises a new display panel technology that delivers higher contrast and readability. The new changes do add some good drama to the already interesting mix of angles and surfaces the cabin uses.

Look downwards and you'll also spot a new drive mode selector, which now offers you a third 'Eco' mode, on top of the 'Sport' and 'Normal' options on offer before.

So, how well will the new car do when it comes to serving family ferrying duties?

Very well actually. You get large rear doors and plenty of legroom in the second row, so loading up child seats will be absolutely easy. And the airplane-style picnic tables behind the front seats and two added USB ports do well to add to the cabin's practicality, especially now that eating-in is not allowed.

Some of that legroom will have to sacrificed by sliding the second row forward, however, if there's any chance of fitting passengers into the third. Small windows back here will also make long trips difficult to bear for those susceptible to claustrophobia. The Kia Sorento will fare better here.

And if your children are getting lanky, you'll also want to check if there is sufficient headroom for all in the second and third rows. Opting for the Active Premium trim without the panoramic sunroof will probably suit you better.

Comfortable drive

With 129bhp on offer from the same 1.2-litre engine as before, the Peugeot 5008 isn't going to set a pace that will frighten, but that 230Nm of torque available from a low 1,750rpm will make sure you never get left behind or found wanting at the traffic lights.

Push the car hard and it delivers a mighty pleasing three-cylinder thrum in the mid-ranges as well, although the drivetrain's responsiveness to sudden stabs at the throttle could be improved.

Peugeot's i-Cockpit, with its miniscule steering wheel and easy to reach pedals and indicator stalks, also make light work of cutting through any inner-city traffic.

I enjoyed the unconventional cockpit design and the way it encourages more sporty driving in the 3008, and in this 5008 it continued to please, even if the body, with its willingness to roll in fast corners, does cut down on a little on the driving fun to be had.

Don't let that put you off buying this car though, for the 5008 is otherwise excellent when driven in a manner more typical for a seven-seater SUV.

The cabin of the 5008 is extremely quiet when you're just cruising along all the way up to highway speeds, thanks to a well-insulated cabin and an engine that stays muted at low rpms, and the ride is always pleasingly comfortable, with only the sharpest edges making their way into the cabin. I achieved a fuel economy of 11.7km/L after one weekend with the 5008.

New cat on the block

If it is style and substance you're looking for in your seven-seater SUV, look no further than the Peugeot 5008.

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This article was first published in sgCarMart.

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