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Cheaper durians this year? Malaysia to see bumper crop amid hot weather

Cheaper durians this year? Malaysia to see bumper crop amid hot weather
July and August are expected to be seasons with bumper crops, said Pahang's fruit farmers' association president.
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Durian lovers, rejoice, for Malaysia is expecting a bumper crop over the next few months.

Due to the recent hot weather in Pahang, durian flowers have started to bloom, reported China Press. 

With three crops of durians from now till July, prices are expected to be stable, if not lower.

And for those who enjoy Musang King, Pahang will likely see a bountiful harvest in July.

With the high temperatures, however, farmers are kept busy irrigating various sections of durian farms with water pumps. 

According to Pahang's fruit farmers' association president Alvin Yap, the hot weather in Malaysia will help durian flowers bloom. 

"July and August are expected to be seasons with bumper crops," he said.

"The association's working with tour agencies to bring more tourists to Pahang to visit the durian plantations and enjoy the fruits."

Bumper crops over past few months 

In January, a Singapore durian seller said that some varieties from Johor, such as D13, D17 and Mao Shan Wang, would remain in season till February. 

Kelvin Tan, co-founder of 99 Old Trees Durian, told AsiaOne then that he observed that durian seasons had changed over time.

In late February, owner of Top Durian Station Torrence Chua ran a promotion for Musang King after noticing bumper crops at his farm in Johor Bahru

"Not many customers know that durians are now in season," Chua said, adding that durians were "falling from the trees in his farm every day".

Durian 36's owner Alvin Teoh also told AsiaOne that durian harvest at farms in Johor Bahru and Pahang were flourishing due to the sunny weather at the time.

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