Chickenjoy baked rice is a thing, says Jollibee Singapore. Here's how you can make it yourself

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/wow.waz

First, there was the viral 'Devil Cooked Rice' using KFC chicken, and now, Chickenjoy baked rice? Yes that's a thing, according to Jollibee Singapore.

On Tuesday (July 14), the Singapore arm of the Filipino fast food chain shared a video by TikTok user wow.waz on its Facebook page, showing us the recipe for Chickenjoy baked rice.

The 29-second video, which was shot in Brunei according to wow.waz, shows a few simple steps that we can follow.

Step one is to purchase Jollibee's two-piece Chickenjoy meal, which should come with a packet of rice and gravy.

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/wow.waz

Secondly, cut the fried chicken into pieces.

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/wow.waz

Thirdly, add oil to the cooking pan and add the rice in. Start the fire before placing the chicken pieces on top of the rice.

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/wow.waz

After which, pour the gravy onto the food and add cheese slices on top. Cover the food with a lid and let it cook.

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/wow.waz

Wait for a few minutes before enjoying the Chickenjoy baked rice. Sedap!

Chickenjoy Baked Rice? Yes, it's a thing! Thanks @wow.waz for this food hack we can try at home. ;)

Posted by Jollibee Singapore on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

One could argue that baked rice isn't cooked on a stovetop, but small matter, as long as it tastes good.

And instead of going with processed sliced cheese which may up the salt content unnecessarily, one could also substitute it for shredded mozarella, for a more traditional and elevated dish.