Chinese New Year lion dance troupe 'embraces new generation' with TikTok moves

Chinese New Year lion dance troupe 'embraces new generation' with TikTok moves
PHOTO: Screengrab from TikTok/Miegemezzzzz

Dong-dong-dong-chiang? More like ting-ting-tang-tang-tang.

Viral TikTok dances have invaded much of our social media feeds in recent years, and even pets have not been spared the TikTok treatment.

So it's perhaps no surprise that the traditional Chinese New Year lion dance has finally gotten a Gen-Z update.

In a clip published on Tuesday (Jan 17) by TikTok user Miegemezzzzz, three lion dance performers are seen grooving to an altogether different beat on stage.

Instead of demonstrating their physical prowess amid crashing cymbals and heart-thumping drumbeats as per usual, the lion dancers defied expectations.

Presenting a much softer image, they nimbly two-stepped their way through popular tunes such as viral Vietnamese pop hit See Tinh, Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, and Pink Venom by Blackpink.

The short choreography posted even included music from Netflix's Squid Game.


While the location of the event is not disclosed, the video is believed to have been taken within the Emporium Pluit Mall in Jakarta.

We must say seeing the lions twerking their tushies to the viral tunes is an adorable sight. And we're not the only ones.

But we can't deny that what's refreshing to some, might be jarring to others. Judging from the rather muted response from the audience, we're not quite sure they enjoyed it as much.

Any ruffled feathers would have been soothed, though, as subsequent clips by Miegemezzzzz showed the troupe performing the traditional lion dance atop high poles

Online however, the response has been far more positive, with the original video liked by more than 530,000 users on TikTok and spawning numerous reposts.

Commenters on the video too, shared their delight in observing a new take on tradition.

"I feel like this is a pretty cool way to get the younger generation interested in this part of our culture," shared one, while another marvelled at their move to "embrace the new generation".

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