'Crazy but challenge accepted': SAF officer runs 24km from home to work just 'to beat morning traffic'

'Crazy but challenge accepted': SAF officer runs 24km from home to work just 'to beat morning traffic'
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/chuacula

We all know the benefits of running. It improves your cardiovascular health, endurance, mood (think runner's high) and more.

But would you actually run to work just to skip the peak hour rush?  

Well, for one man, he decided to take on the challenge in his stride. 

TikTok user Chuacula, aka Wei Liang, documented his run to "beat the morning traffic" in a 98-second video posted on Wednesday (June 14). 

Waking up at 6am, and still half awake, Wei Liang – who is an army regular – donned his sports attire and munched on a pre-run snack of banana before embarking on his ambitious mission. 

According to Google Maps, the distance from his home in Woodlands to his camp in Jurong is a whopping 24km and it would take him around five hours to complete his journey on foot.

"Crazy but challenge accepted," the 24-year-old mentioned in the video.

He did a couple of warm-up stretches before hitting the pavement. 

He ran past the MRT train station and the Singapore Turf Club, before coming to a crossroads: one with a proper running track and the other was a dirt road.

Up for a challenge, he took the road less travelled by choosing the latter route, before hitting a dead end.

He had to run back to said crossroads and took the paved road this time around, hitting his 6km mark. 

Soon after, he came across a sign that said Tanjong Pagar, before realising he was running along the Rail Corridor. 

Moving on, Wei Liang made it to the Bukit Batok neighbourhood where he took a water break, before continuing on the remaining 12km. 

Soon after, he arrived in the Jurong neighbourhood, with only 5km left to reach his destination. 

As he ran past the final landmark – the old NTU entrance at Jurong West Street 93 – he made it to his destination: Jurong Camp.  

Due to the short detour, Wei Liang clocked in just over 24km. And since he ran along the walking route suggested by Google, he completed his run in two hours and 38 minutes.

Speaking to AsiaOne, Wei Liang shares his motivation to run to work.

"I am a regular officer [for] the Singapore Army but currently a Year 4 student [at the] National University of Singapore. I am doing my summer vacation attachment as a Project Officer. 

"I have always been one who loves adventures and challenges. Upon posting to this new unit during my summer vacation, I decided to come up with this challenge for myself.

"The intention behind putting it down on film was to document an extraordinary day in my life as a military regular since it is less known to many. [Content on] a day in the life of other industries [is] more prevalent online.

"I hope to inspire others to incorporate workouts into their daily routine."

Netizens impressed and inspired

In the comment section, netizens were filled with praise for Wei Liang's successful attempt to run to work. 

Some users saluted him for his efforts. 

Others were shocked to see that he was able to complete the 24km run.

A few were even inspired to pick up running after watching the video.

Tips to kickstart your running journey

But before you start running, here are some tips that will help you ease into your journey. 

Fitness enthusiast Haw Jia Xuan advised to "run slow to run fast".

She recommended starting out with easy runs. For the uninitiated, these are the kind of "runs that you can maintain while holding a conversation with someone". 

Jia Xuan doesn't stress on pace, distance and timing when it comes to easy runs. Instead, she prioritises effort, which looks different for everyone. 

Another tip is to focus on your form. 

Jia Xuan shared that overstriding is a common problem faced by runners. 

Overstriding is "when your lower leg extends way too far in front of your body". 

And when your stride is long, you're in the air for a longer period of time resulting in a greater impact when your feet hit the ground. 

You should take note of your cadence, which refers to your steps per minute (SPM).

If your cadence is too low, the chances of overstriding increases. Jia Xuan recommended recreational runners to maintain an optimal 150 to 170 SPM.

She also recommends proper running shoes as they tend to come with a "rounded base" that  help propel you forward when you run. 

Plus, running shoes tend to be lightweight, so that you don't feel weighed down when running. 

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