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'Cute guy alert': Timothee Chalamet lookalike spotted selling hotdogs at Woodlands pasar malam

'Cute guy alert': Timothee Chalamet lookalike spotted selling hotdogs at Woodlands pasar malam
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Jopingtan, Facebook/

A pasar malam — a night market for the less acquainted — is where one can go to satisfy hunger pangs.

In one recently opened pasar malam located by Woodlands MRT station, a sweet treat of a different kind has caught the attention of many.

TikTok user Jopingtan headed to the Kream food stall for a hotdog and ended up slightly flustered by the staff.

She posted an 11-second clip on TikTok last Sunday (Nov 21) and at the time of writing, the video has garnered 296,000 views.


In his plain black top, the young man behind the counter was casually preparing her order as she zoomed in on him. It seemed like the feasting had already begun.

"Omg, cute guy alert," she wrote.

The young man wore a slight smirk as he passed Jopingtan her order.

With 295 comments, it's fair to say that netizens had quite a bit to say as well.

One TikTok user couldn't unsee the resemblance the cute guy had with a particular Hollywood star.

"Timothee Chalamet are you ok?" they asked.

Chances are that Jopingtan wouldn't mind if he called her by her name.

Others playfully commented that they are suddenly keen on heading to the Woodlands pasar malam.

One netizen, however, seemed more troubled by the pricey wieners.

The comment read: "The most shocking thing in the video is ppl paying $8 for a hotdog."

This received a slick reply not long after.

Apart from the usual food fare, the pasar malam in Woodlands will have stalls selling items ranging from clothes to potted plants.

Claw machines are also a highlight here.

The pasar malam will be open from now until Dec 10 before a short break. It'll reopen from Dec 21 to Jan 21, 2023.

While there are no promises you'll spot a Hollywood lookalike, there's no harm in giving it a go and grabbing some bites while you're at it.

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