Did you leave your sole behind? This mum and her kids are picking up hikers' footwear in Clementi Forest

Did you leave your sole behind? This mum and her kids are picking up hikers' footwear in Clementi Forest
PHOTO: Facebook/Doro.Schillo

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Singapore, along with the world, has been impressed by the Japanese football fans' effort to clean up after themselves at the ongoing World Cup. 

But we don't have to look beyond our sunny shores for such civic-mindedness. 

Mother of four Doro Schillo and her kids picked up enough trash to fill a whole bag while hiking at Clementi Forest last Sunday (Dec 4), she shared on Facebook

Through their combined efforts, the family managed to rid the forest of a discarded boot, 13 shoe soles, plastic bottles, cans and bits of litter.

Doro stated that they had spotted trash and "many soles being left behind, stuck in the mud" on their previous hikes at Clementi Forest.

This time, it was the 43-year-old's kids who reminded her to bring along a plastic bag before the hike, she told 8world.  

Doro and her kids only developed the habit of picking up loose litter after the circuit breaker period, and she said that it is "an awesome way to teach kids that the littlest act of kindness can have such a big impact". 

And her kids share her enthusiasm, treating every piece of litter they find as if it is hidden treasure, and developing a sense of satisfaction as they go about keeping the forest clean.

To top it off, Doro also mentioned that her kids are always happy when cleaning up their favourite forest, which they frequent every three to four months to hike.


The family keeps returning to Clementi Forest because they feel that it's like a different experience every time.

As of the time of writing, Doro's post has garnered 548 likes and 50 comments at the time of writing. In an update, the mum said that she was pleasantly surprised at the attention that her post received.

In the comments section, many netizens thanked Doro and her kids for their efforts to "keep our forest green and clean".

Some netizens also praised Doro for being such "a good example" to follow and said that her kids are "blessed". 

The German national thanked everyone for their words of encouragement. 

Doro also shared that she was showing her little ones every 'like' to show them how appreciated their litter-picking efforts are.

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