'Dirty as hell': Patrons welcome renovation works at notorious People's Park Food Centre in April

'Dirty as hell': Patrons welcome renovation works at notorious People's Park Food Centre in April
PHOTO: Screengrabs from Facebook

People's Park Food Centre in Chinatown is set to close temporarily from April 1 to June 30 for renovation works.

On the internet, many have greeted this upcoming closure with relief.

While the hawker centre is known for its numerous food stalls, it has also developed a reputation for its apparent lack of hygiene standards. 

On Monday (March 13), a netizen posted a photo of a banner displaying the upcoming closure on the Facebook group Can Eat! Hawker Food.

While it's business as usual for shops on levels two and three, the hawker centre on level one will be closed.

Last month, Shin Min Daily News reported that both hawkers and customers were concerned about the level of hygiene at the hawker centre.

Some diners have had the unpleasant experience of dealing with unwelcome guests, from rats scurrying on the floor to crows and pigeons pecking away at plates of leftover food.

It's no surprise that netizens are welcoming this closure, with one claiming that this has been "long overdue" given how "dirty" and "smelly" the hawker centre is.

One Facebook user has even requested for it to be renovated to look more upscaled and fancy "like Paragon" mall in Orchard.

However, there was a sense of dread among some netizens as they worry renovation works could spell a rise in food prices.

"Oh man, I don't wish to pay $10 for a plate of duck rice," said one commenter.

On HardwareZone, the sentiment was mutual as netizens predicted a rise in food prices once the hawker centre reopens.

Among hawkers at the food centre, reactions to the renovation works were mixed. 

Some welcomed the news, feeling grateful for a three-month break, while others were apprehensive about the potential lack of income.

It is not known if the closure was scheduled or put in place because of public feedback regarding the conditions at the food centre.

AsiaOne has reached out to Jalan Besar Town Council for more information.

8world reported that this closure will allow for the refurbishment of tables and chairs as well as dealing with the poor hygiene conditions

In August 2022, another popular food spot, Changi Village Hawker Centre, closed for three months for repairs and redecoration works.

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