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Envious of Shin Ji-yeon's hourglass physique? Here's how the Single's Inferno star stays in shape

Envious of Shin Ji-yeon's hourglass physique? Here's how the Single's Inferno star stays in shape
PHOTO: Instagram/jiiiyeonie__, Screengrab/Netflix

Even though Single's Inferno has ended, people are still talking about the participants of the Netflix reality television show. 

While Song Ji-a's scandal is currently a hot topic, castmate Shin Ji-yeon is also gaining attention thanks to her hourglass physique. Well, she finally revealed her fitness secrets in a YouTube video uploaded on Jan 21.

The neuroscience student, who is in her mid-twenties, has such an enviable body that some have even accused her of using hip pads. 

The speculation started after she was spotted in a body-hugging rash guard and black leggings during one of the game segments on the show.

In her video, Ji-yeon clarified that all the hip pad rumours are untrue. 

"My hips are originally wide," she explained. 

So, if that's really the case, how does she maintain her curvaceous physique? 

While some would expect her to have a strict diet and fitness routine like many other Korean celebrities, Ji-yeon revealed that she usually works out only once a week. 

From the short snippets of her workout sessions on the show, it appears that her gym routine includes running on the treadmill and squats with dumbbells. 

She also shared her current height and weight, which is 169cm and 51kg respectively, and admitted candidly that she's gained some weight since Single's Inferno.

Before the show, she had gone on a strict diet and "tried [her] best to workout as much as possible".

And though she didn't mention if she's still dieting now, she did say that her favourite cuisine is Korean food and she is a huge fan of stew and rice. In fact, she loves stew so much that she eats it once a day! 

So, if you're hoping to achieve a figure that is similar to hers, we doubt that an intense workout routine or diet will do the trick — you'll probably need be lucky in the genetics department too. 

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