Feeling Fab: I tried a sugar-free diet for 2 weeks and it was really hard

Feeling Fab is a series where we follow model and content creator Rachell Ng as she embarks on a journey towards a better her. She doesn't claim to be an expert, but the fitness and beauty junkie is up for anything that will make her look good and feel great!

"How am I going to survive without sugar?"

In this episode, Rachell tries out a 14-day sugar-free diet to keep fit and healthy. While the benefits are said to be great, it's not an easy thing to do.

Some of her meals during the two weeks include:

  • Brown rice
  • Wholemeal pasta
  • Sugar-free museli
  • Protein powder pancakes
  • Lots of vegetables

Watch the video and find out how you can reduce your sugar intake, with some extra tips from Rachell so you won't feel tired and restless from the lack of sugar!