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Food hunt at Singapore theme parks: Haw Par Villa

Food hunt at Singapore theme parks: Haw Par Villa

You know what to expect at our local theme parks, but what about the food there?

Our team of taste explorers take you on a wild ride through Singapore's awesome theme parks and their culinary offerings. We're on a mission to uncover the unique flavours that make each theme park a gastronomic adventure too.

Today, we're prepared to have a hell of a time at Haw Par Villa!

Located in Pasir Panjang, Haw Par Villa is the one place in Singapore where Chinese culture and mythology truly come to life. It was originally called Tiger Balm Gardens and opened by Aw Boon Haw, the founder behind the famous Chinese medicated rub. The park survived World War II and was further developed by the Aw family until the 1970s.

Now under the care of the Singapore Tourism Board, Haw Par Villa stands as a testament to its founders' dedication. It is renowned for its vivid portrayal of the Ten Courts of Hell from Chinese folklore — a nostalgic (and probably horrifying) memory for many Singaporeans.

The park boasts over 1,000 statues and 150 dioramas which depict scenes from legendary Chinese literature, such as “Journey to the West” and the tales of "Madame White Snake".


  • Entry is free to the main park
  • $20 general admission to Hell’s Museum.


Our first stop was Hell's Museum. Here, we learnt about belief systems and religions, as well as explored the fascinating perspectives on death and the afterlife that vary across cultures around the globe. There was even an actual casket and Chinese prayer altar on display.

The museum trail got even more intense as we braved our way through the infamous Ten Courts of Hell. Trust us, it's a scene straight out of your wildest nightmares: Gruesome depictions of the punishments awaiting us in the afterlife for all the bad things you do on Earth, all laid out in vivid, gory detail.

After that spine-chilling adventure, we needed a breather, so we made a beeline for the Sixth Milestone - a cosy bistro and cafe next to the Pagoda Pond.

Total cost: $44.70

Crispy Chicken Burger with fries: $9.90

Verdict: At first glance, the Crispy Chicken Burger with fries seemed like your typical night market fare. But as soon as we sank our teeth into it, we were reminded immediately of the McChicken from McDonald's, no cap. This burger really surprised us - the mayonnaise and crispy fried chicken patty were a perfect pairing.

Egg Fried Rice: $6.90

Verdict: If there's one dish you absolutely must try at Sixth Milestone, it's the Egg Fried Rice. Topped with a luscious layer of egg and sprinkled with fragrant shallots, this plate stole the spotlight. Each grain of rice was infused with wok hei, making it a true palate-pleaser.

Pesto Pasta: $11.90

Verdict: Another standout on the menu, the Pesto Pasta was a real treat for the taste buds. Served with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, the pasta was cooked to perfection — al dente and generously coated in a creamy, herby pesto sauce. Our only gripe? We could have easily devoured twice the portion — by the time we had a few mouthfuls, we were more than halfway through the pasta!

Vegetable Spring Roll (6 pcs): $5.00

Verdict: While we were excited to try the Vegetable Spring Rolls, we found them to be a bit underwhelming. Sadly, they weren’t as fresh as we had hoped for.

Sausage Bun: $5.50

Verdict: Let's keep it real — the Sausage Bun was about as basic as it gets. The bun itself was below average and the sausage passable. Over-slathered in ketchup and mustard, it lacked any kind of wow factor.

Mini Churros with Chocolate sauce: $5.50

Verdict: These bite-sized delights were a delightful mix of "crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside", and lightly coated in sugar for that perfect crunch. However, the sweetness of the chocolate sauce was a tad overwhelming.


We explored the rest of Haw Par Villa, marvelling at the larger-than-life statues that had recently undergone a restoration. From the iconic Journey to the West to towering creatures and even cheeky naked mermaids, this was Chinese mythology in the "flesh".

Where else on Earth can you see a turtle and a frog hitching a ride on an ostrich? What we did not expect were the few lovebirds wandering hand in hand in the park — never knew Haw Par Villa was such a paktor hotspot!

Before we left, we decided to refuel at Art Journey, conveniently situated by the park's entrance. This place is known for hosting art jamming sessions but also doubles as a café.

Total cost: $20.50

Vegetarian Mee Sua: $6.50

Verdict: When we spotted the Vegetarian Mee Sua advertised on a banner outside the café, we just had to give it a shot. And we were pleasantly surprised. This bowl of comfort came served with egg, tau pok, veggies, mock meat, and a side of kimchi. Best bit: the mee sua was soft and delicate.

Beef Bulgogi Wrap: $6.50

Verdict: The hot tortilla was packed with beef bulgogi meat, fresh veggies, and spicy mayo. While the meat was savoury and slightly sweet, it was a tad tough. This made it a bit of a challenge to enjoy it fully. We felt that we should have tried the spicy chicken wrap instead.

Waffle with Hokkaido Milk Gelato: $7.50

Verdict: After a long day of exploring "hell" under the scorching sun (how very apt!), this sweet treat was nothing short of a lifesaver. The warm, golden-brown waffle paired with the ice-cold scoop of gelato made for a heavenly combination. Each bite was pure bliss, with the rich, velvety Hokkaido milk flavour melting in our mouths. Yums!

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