Forget plain butter, try artisanal flavoured butter instead

Forget plain butter, try artisanal flavoured butter instead
PHOTO: No Burn No Taste, Fave Fine Food

Flavoured butters have recently taken the world by storm, adding pizzazz to any dish whether you're savouring it atop some simple toast or basting some delicious steak with it.

The flavours are intriguing too, going beyond flavours you'd expect, like garlic and sea salt, yuzu or bone marrow butter!

Besides making an appearance in upscale grocers, these kinds of butter have also been spotted on restaurant tabletops, like trendy Cafe Natsu's kombu butter and the renowned three Michelin-starred Odette's seasonal toasted buckwheat butter.

Interested in hopping on the flavoured butter frenzy? We've sourced grocers, both online and brick-and-mortar stores, that you can buy them from.

Alternatively, if you're a budding kitchen enthusiast, why not try your hand at making them yourself? It's surprisingly easy - essentially, you just need the ingredients, a food processor and you're good to go. (But we're not leaving you in the lurch! Read till the end for some flavoured butter inspo.)

Carv Artisanal Butchery

Women-owned Carv Artisanal Butchery may be a premium butchery, but don't miss out on their Artisan Butter Bar which stocks handcrafted flavoured butters - best paired with their gourmet meats - that are almost too pretty to eat.

Try out Marble - which, as its name suggests, is a black-and-white slab of decadent black truffle butter. Or sample Berry You, a pink fruity butter made with raspberry, yuzu and thyme that's said to resemble ice cream. Sounds delish!

205 Toa Payoh North, #01-1221, Singapore 310206

Dirty Butter

#SupportLocal by buying from Dirty Butter, a homegrown brand that offers honey yuzu lavender butter, umami bonito flakes butter and more.

We think the floral honey yuzu lavender would go perfectly with a flakey croissant or generously lathered on pancakes.

Meraki Butters

Another local brand with mouthwatering Asian-inspired flavours, Meraki Butter is your go-to if you like creamy salted egg with curry leaves and numbing Sze Chuan mala.

For something that deviates from the usual flavours, you can give the seasonal stout caramel butter a go.

Fave Fine Food

This online gourmet purveyor stocks the famed Le Beurre Bordier and Pamplie, so head on over to their website if you're looking to get a taste of these French butters.

From Pamplie, get the decadent black winter truffle butter or East-meets-West mentaiko butter.

Be sure to add Le Beurre Bordier's butters to your cart too, as they're touted to be the best in the world after all. Take your pick from exquisite flavours including Piment d'Espelette (French Espelette pepper), Madagascar vanilla and yuzu.

Oh, and if you're in the mood to splash out, be sure to try Marumasa's rich Hokkaido uni butter for the ultimate umami treat.

Little Farms

Alcoholic butter? Don't mind if we do!

Little Farms stocks brandy butter from Valley Produce Company, an Australian dairy company. Thanks to the hint of lemon juice added, expect a tangy and smooth flavour with a kick.

No Burn No Taste

Popular wood-fire resto No Burn No Taste in Pasir Ris actually makes their butter in-house, and you can now purchase it to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Throwing seaweed and cheese into the mix, they claim Dirty Delicious Umami Butter is the secret to their yummy grub.

Love Handle (Vegan)

Singapore's first fully plant-based butchery not only does vegan meats, they also do butters and sauces. Besides classic butter, aromatic herb butter and umami kombu butter are for sale too, a perfect pairing with their meats.

Flavoured butter inspo: Thomas Straker


Thomas recently went viral on TikTok for his All Things Butter series where he experiments with the wildest butter flavours you wouldn't think of, such as chocolate, coffee and salted caramel butter, bloody Mary butter, bone marrow butter… the list goes on.

His videos showcase him making the butters, although no recipe is spelled out. But you're making the butter for yourself after all, so freely adjust how much of each ingredient you'd like to add to your butter - just do as you please!

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