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French TikToker explains 'Singapore math', from plastic bags to Haidilao

French TikToker explains 'Singapore math', from plastic bags to Haidilao
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Amandine Honvault

You may have heard of "girl math", but what about "Singapore math"?

Yes, it is "math" and not "maths". Pardon the Americanism.

Girl math is a new viral TikTok trend that began in New Zealand but has since gained popularity around the world, including Singapore, according to The Straits Times.

The term was popularised in July when hosts on a New Zealand radio show called Fletch, Vaughan and Hayley told a listener that her NZ$330 (S$267) dress purchase was reasonable since she was going to wear it thrice.

“So this is not a NZ$330 dress, it’s NZ$110,” said radio deejay Hayley.

Rationalising spending this way is girl math, the deejays said.

"Singapore math" is then how Singaporeans might rationalise their spending.

French TikToker Amandine Honvault, who has lived in Singapore for five years and has a Singaporean boyfriend, took it upon herself to attempt an explanation of Singapore math in a video posted on Sunday (Oct 22).

In the 24-second video, she said: "Singapore math is like if you live in Singapore and you go JB every weekend, the money that you spend there doesn't count."

Her second example: "Five cents for plastic bag is too expensive, but because I reuse the trash bag as a trash bag, I'm actually making money."

Finally: "If I go eat Haidilao but I took the public transport to get there, it's like getting a 50 per cent discount."

@new_to_singapore Am I the only one? 🧮🇸🇬 #girlmath #sgtiktok #livinginsingapore #expatinsingapore ♬ original sound - New to Singapore by Amandine

The video has more than 280,000 views.

Netizens offer examples of their own in the comment section:

  • "Singapore math is like when you buy something and they give you a free gift, you didn’t waste any money, you got extra for FREE."
  • "If I take extra ketchup and chili sauce and sugar in McDonald's, I get my value back."
  • "Paying for $7 Starbucks latte is OK, but hawkers increase kopi by 10 cents, the Government don't know what they're doing."

In response, the TikToker added in the comments: "Pasta/western $20 OK but rice dish $8 is too expensive."

But one netizen, who might not be in on the joke, commented: "For real though, Singapore math is actually being taught in schools all over the world."

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