Friends reunion: Friends-themed merch every fan should have to commemorate 10 seasons

Friends reunion: Friends-themed merch every fan should have to commemorate 10 seasons
Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc are seen during the Friends reunion.

Can’t get enough of the show? Satisfy your inner fangirl with Friends merch instead — there’s glassware, aprons, board games and more!

Table reads, unscripted chit-chat and re-enactments of scenes, Friends: The Reunion has kept fans all over the world waiting long enough — but it’s finally here on HBO!

Before you dive right into re-watching all 10 seasons and then the reunion again right after, why not pause to get some sitcom souvenirs? After all, while they’ll be there for you, these cool Friends merch might not!

1. Monopoly: Friends the TV series edition

Your perfect antidote to boredom now comes in the form of an Amazon exclusive Monopoly set based on the TV series! Gather your family over this board game where you can buy, sell, trade, and scheme your way through some of your favourite scenes from the show.

The best part, however, lies in the exclusive tokens representing each character in each box — a dinosaur for Ross, a handbag for Rachel, a sweater vest for Chandler, a pizza for Joey, a guitar for Phoebe and of course, a chef’s hat for Monica.

Price: From US$26.40 (S$34.95)

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2. The one with Rachel’s apron

The next time you take to the kitchen, don’t just shuffle around in your PJs and bedroom slippers! Jazz it up a little with this cute floral and lace number that’s sure to lift your mood.

Inspired by the apron Rachel wore when she served coffee at Central Perk, pair this dainty piece of Friends merch with an all-black ensemble for maximum culinary goddess vibes.

Price: From US$14.90 

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3. The one with the Central Perk apron

We remember Rachel working at the cafe, but did you forget about the other character who had a part-time gig there too? No, not Gunther — Joey! Best for slinging over your shoulders like a cape (Joey did) or just lounging around, don this apron the next time you feel tired and a little uninspired. It should do the trick!

Price: From US$28

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4. The one with the wine glasses

Nothing says I love you like a bottle of your bestie’s favourite red, plus a pair of these stemless Friends-inspired wine glasses — delivered to his or her doorstep a la old-school care packages.

Kick it up a notch by personalising this handmade glassware with the year that’s special to the two of you. Oh and just in case you forgot, National Best Friend Day falls on June 8 this year. You’re welcome.

Price: From US$12.60 

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5. The one with the Central Perk Starbucks tumbler

I don’t know about you but no workspace feels complete without a reusable tumbler to sip out of — home offices included. The next time you head out to get some lunch or make a coffee run, simply take this reusable venti-sized tumbler along, and reduce wastage whilst scoring some compliments.

Price: From US$28.40 

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6. The one with the Unagi mug

Work on entering that state of total awareness by taking a page from Ross’s knowledge of karate concepts. With morning coffee served piping hot in this mug, you’ll be truly prepared to take on anything the day has in store for you! Ahhhh, salmon skin roll.

Price: From US$14.80 

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7. The one with the ceramic dog bowl

Pet parents, you probably know better than to pull the bowl away from your furkid midway through a meal.

Joey’s famed flaw is now printed on this officially licensed Friends ceramic bowl —  so your smelly cat (or dog) can finally enjoy feeding time undisturbed! In case you were wondering, this bowl holds up to 3.5 cups of water or dry or wet dog food.

Price: From US$15.10 

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8. The one with Mike Hannigan’s tote bag

Great for grocery shopping, walking the dog or perhaps even storing your snacks or loose knick knick-knacks — Mike Hannigan’s hilarious alter ego now takes the form of this 100 per cent cotton tote bag. All we need now is one that says Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, and we’ll be all set!

Price: From US$11.40 

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9. The one with Rachel’s ‘Girls Football’ tee

While I adore Phoebe’s quirky style, Rachel has some of the most wearable and iconic outfits in the sitcom.

There are glam styles and cafe-chic ones — but we’re zooming in on her PJs since all we do nowadays is lounge around the house anyway! Grab a pair of plaid cotton pants and knot up this cute tee for ultimate athleisure realness.

Price: From US$20.40 

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10. The one with Ross’s name tag

This cotton tee comes in both black and white and is a tribute to that awkward moment Ross decided to stick ‘Hello I’m…” tags on his sweater when attempting to win his new neighbours over.

This scene cracks me up every time, and I’m sure it’ll be a great mood lifter for any fan you meet too — even if it’s just on zoom!

Price: From US$26.60

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