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Gardens by the Bay has a new peony display with Peranakan and Chinese artefacts

Gardens by the Bay has a new peony display with Peranakan and Chinese artefacts
PHOTO: Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay's inaugural Precious Peony floral display is now opened to the public and will run until May 3.

Apart from paying homage to the flower's roots and rich history in Chinese culture, the floral showcase also nods to the Chinese Peranakan community in Singapore.

For the first time, the Gardens has teamed up with local museums to present Peranakan and Chinese artefacts from their archives. They include Peranakan Museum (a division of Asian Civilisations Museum), The Intan and The Society for Chinese Ceramics Studies.

Here's what you can expect.

Peonies from around the world

Named the 'King of Flowers' in China, you'll get to take in the lush beauty of ornamental peonies from China, Japan, Israel and the Netherlands on display. However, due to delivery issues, the first shipment of peonies from China will be slated to arrive later.

According to a statement by Gardens by the Bay, "For the first week of the floral display, horticulturists are supplementing the show with peonies from Japan, Israel, and the Netherlands, while awaiting the shipments from China to arrive."

Apart from peonies, there'll also be snapdragons, camellias, asters, and centuries-old bonsai.

A Peranakan shophouse and other artefacts

One of the highlights is a vibrant yellow Peranakan shophouse structure, replete with an open courtyard, stone lions, and the iconic vibrantly coloured tiles with motifs of flowers, birds or geometric patterns.

Both artefacts from private organisations as well as museums will also be showcased. You'll get to see everyday items synonymous with Chinese Peranakan culture that have been incorporated with the peony — think tiffin carriers, beaded slippers, wedding baskets and more.

Look out for an antique blackwood bench inlaid with mother-of-pearl, an example of fine furniture found in the homes of wealthy Chinese Peranakans, as well as a Chinese robe that blends traditional Qing-era embroidery techniques with mass-produced fabric.

Chinese cultural elements

Other spectacular set-ups include a Chinese pagoda, and a medicinal room setting, which is a nod to the uses of herbaceous peonies used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Drop-in activities and workshops by The Intan

While you're there, both the kids and grown-ups can take part in a series of activities organised by The Intan like Peranakan tile colouring and postcard making. Or get creative by designing your own tote bag with floral motifs.

Additional charges apply. Find out more about the time slots here.

Precious Peony is now on till May 3 at Gardens by the Bay. Admission fees to the Flower Dome apply. Visit its website for more information.

Get a season pass valid for six months

If you frequently hit up the Flower Dome for its floral displays, you'll want to check out this deal. Gardens by the Bay is launching a 10 Years of Wonders season pass priced at $20 that allows for unlimited entry to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest for up to six months.

With this season pass, you can enjoy the next four floral displays following the peonies, which centre around flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, orchids and sunflowers.

This ticketing promotion is available online from Gardens by the Bay's website as well as mobile app, for visits till Oct 15.

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This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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