Goodbye Singapore, guten tag Deutschland: TikToker shares what it's like flying in Covid-19 times

PHOTO: TikTok/susufifisg

Since international travel has been firmly restricted due to the pandemic, we're still scrolling through social media to get a sense of what vacationing is.

Alas, the wanderlust is strong within many us. After all, it's been a while since many of us have had the chance to travel and before you say it, no, staycations don't count. 

On Tuesday (Sept 6), TikToker susufifisg (who identified herself as Fifi) got us daydreaming of a vacation with her 23-second post of travel between Singapore and Germany.

In the clip, she managed to squeeze in quite a lot of highlights, from moments of her at Changi Airport departure hall to her strolling down the streets of Hamburg.

Unsurprisingly, the video has become quite popular, garnering over 136,000 views in two days. The comments section was also filled with questions from netizens eager to understand what travelling in a pandemic is like.

There are a ton of things you might expect people to ask, but there was one oddly specific question that generated plenty of interest among her followers. Somehow, people wanted to find out what German immigration officers are like.


Another common question was on travel tips and protocols.

The TikToker highly recommended sorting out one's travel insurance beforehand as well as downloading the vaccination e-certificate on Singpass.


Amidst all the interest and excitement, in came the inevitable in the form of a party pooper. We are on the internet after all. 

The TikToker did mention she's in Germany for work but haters will hate, right?

On Sept 7, Fifi posted another video to answer questions that she frequently gets about entering Germany.

She said that one has to either be fully vaccinated or take the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test 48 hours before departure.

With a vaccination certificate, there will be no need (thank goodness) for quarantine.

According to media reports, the first flight under Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) from Germany is expected to land at Changi Airport later today (Sept 8).

With VTL, maybe it is time to start looking into the possibility of a vacation in Germany.

Where will you be having that first bite of authentic schnitzel or currywurst? Here are some German cities you can consider visiting.

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