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Hack or hassle? Singapore couple saves money with home-cooked local food on Switzerland vacation, netizens say it's not worth it

Hack or hassle? Singapore couple saves money with home-cooked local food on Switzerland vacation, netizens say it's not worth it
Wethecurioustravelers felt food in Switzerland was too pricey (left) so they chose to cook while on vacation (right).
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Wethecurioustravelers

To pack food or splurge on meals? 

While it's relatively common to hear of Singaporeans packing instant noodles for their overseas trips, the couple behind TikTok travel account Wethecurioustravelers went the extra mile to cook their meals from scratch during their Switzerland trip.

However, netizens aren't convinced that was the best move. 

The Singapore-based couple whipped up local favourites such as bak kut teh, curry and laksa while on vacation, they shared in a 33-second clip posted on Wednesday (Aug 31).


Before stepping foot on Swiss soil, the couple had done their research and were well aware of just how "crazy expensive" food can be in Switzerland.

They shared that a meal for one set them back $35 and "mediocre food in touristy spots" are also "ridiculously priced". 

Thankfully, they had a solution in the form of an additional suitcase with only food items inside.

After assembling and cooking the ingredients, the final product looked pretty legitimate, in all fairness.

Even the dishes they cooked seemed specifically chosen for Swiss weather.

Just imagine slurping some piping hot laksa or having a steamboat on your room balcony when it's snowing outside.

It's no wonder the couple mentioned that they had "no regrets" packing that extra suitcase of food and ingredients.

Unfortunately, some netizens had some beef with just how much cooking the pair did while in Switzerland.

"Just stay home and watch YouTube videos about Switzerland lah," one netizen sneered. A few others left comments in the same vein.

There were a number of TikTok users who backed Wethecurioustravelers' decision to cook while on holiday.

One mentioned that it's a matter of preference while another said that packing instant food for vacation was the "best decision ever".

Wethecurioustravelers also posted a separate video yesterday going into more detail on Swiss grocery prices.

Apparently, even basic ingredients can cost a bomb. At a Swiss supermarket, 100g of chillies costs 5.95 Swiss francs (S$8.50) and four pieces of frozen prawns are about $9.50.

If you're heading for vacation soon and looking for ways to save money, you can also do so by taking advantage of free attractions, being flexible with flights and flying strategically.

And if you're still in school, remember to take advantage of Singapore Airlines' special student pricing

Booking tickets using the Skyscanner domain of another country has also been shown to help some score slightly cheaper tickets

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