Hail a legit taxi near JB's City Square back to Singapore for just $8 per person, available 24 hours

PHOTO: Google Maps screen grab

The one thing that deters me from crossing the border to Johor Bahru (JB) is standing in line amid crazy long queues to clear the customs. 

Even though there's a trove of things to do in JB that aren't just shopping, eating and getting a massage, it'll take a great amount of convincing to get me across causeway, unless it's by car.

Spoilt, I know, but I'm not a fan of standing around wasting hours on endless waiting.

All that's about to change with a new Johor-Singapore 24-hour taxi service recently launched on Oct 15.

The new taxi service will ferry passengers from KTM Berhad Museum, just a minute's walk from Johor Bahru City Square as seen on Google Maps.

According to China Press, There are about 30 taxis stationed every day to make trips into Singapore and more will be activated should there be an increase in demand. As per other transnational taxis currently in operation, the new service will still be dropping passengers off at Ban San Street Terminal (off Queen Street) in Singapore.

The first day of operation saw 13 passengers and 21 passengers on the second day, with a gradual increase expected as the taxi service gains more publicity.

PHOTO: YouTube screengrab

The price per trip costs RM100 (S$33) per taxi, which works out to be about $8.30 per person when shared between four friends. A really small fee to pay in exchange for convenience and comfort. 

The usual price seen on SingaporeTaxi shows that you'll need to fork out $48 per taxi vehicle or $12 per person to travel from Johor Bahru Taxi Terminal at Larkin (about a 10-minute drive from JB's City Square) to Ban San Street and vice-versa, and a minimum $100 should you choose to hire a private limousine.

If you want to take a licensed taxi from the terminal to anywhere in Singapore, you will need to use a Singaporean taxi and pay at least $70 for the service.

Another really attractive point to flagging a taxi, of course, is that going through customs will be a breeze without having to get off the vehicle, especially when you're lugging home bags of shopping.

I'll probably find myself heading in more often, now that there's a more convenient way to come back to Singapore without having to burn a hole in my wallet or worry about missing the last bus.

Though, we do hope that this new service would not worsen the traffic jams at the Causeway during peak hours.


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