From harsh lights to sharp corners: Couple share their renovation regrets in their 4-room BTO flat

From harsh lights to sharp corners: Couple share their renovation regrets in their 4-room BTO flat
The couple showing one of the sharp corners they'd overlooked (left), and the track lights which they regret installing (right).
PHOTO: Instagram/Home.swee.home

One exciting thing about becoming a homeowner is renovating your new crib after getting your keys.

While most take great care in planning everything, down to the very last detail, no matter how meticulous you are, renovation regrets do happen. 

For instance, a couple who have been documenting their renovation journey on the Instagram page Home.swee.home uploaded a video on Monday(Sept 12) sharing some of the things they wished they had done differently, in hopes of helping fellow homeowners avoid the same pitfalls.

"I hate to admit that we do have some [renovation] regrets despite the amount of effort put into the planning," they wrote in the Instagram Reel, which has since accumulated over 34,000 views. 


Here are some of the mistakes they made while doing up their four-room built-to-order flat.

1. Mapping their light switches to the 'wrong' location

Their first regret involved the switches at their entryway.

Initially, they had mapped these to the lights and fan around their sofa area, anticipating that they would spend more time there when they first reach home. But later on, they found themselves gravitating to the dining table more frequently, they explained. 

As such, it would have made more sense for the light switch in their entryway to control the lights and fan in their dining area instead.

2. Installing track lights

While their track lights certainly add a stylish touch to their living room and the kitchen, the couple admitted that their choice had some drawbacks. It turns out that the lights are too bright and cast unsightly shadows which affect their video filming. 

However, the homeowners did admit that the lights in the kitchen were good for cooking and preparation of food.  

3. Not adjusting their kitchen shelf height to accommodate their needs

The next issue involved the height of the pull-out shelves in the kitchen, which they now feel should have been constructed lower to cater to the thickness of the base. 

Currently, the top platform is too high for their comfort and they have difficulties reaching items placed there, they said. 

"We initially planned to put our steam oven here. But firstly, it's a bit too high and secondly, we are not sure if it can support the weight," the homeowner elaborated. 

4. Overlooking sharp edges

Apart from that, they also regret not asking for rounded corners on the dining area's settee as the sharp edge can be "quite dangerous". 

However, despite the mistakes, the homeowners shared that instead of "harping on these regrets", they decided to find solutions to the problems.

Some examples would be relocating the steam oven and putting corner protectors on the settee. 

"I was initially very annoyed at myself for missing these out (all the what-ifs and if-onlys), but I'm learning to accept that it's inevitable to overlook some things or have unexpected issues surfacing only after living in for a period of time," the homeowners shared.

"No [renovation] project is perfect after all and mistakes are bound to happen." 

While their final product isn't too shabby, their renovation journey has also had a few other obstacles. 

Previously, the same couple shared that they'd found numerous defects in their brand new flat after waiting five and a half years for it. 

Some of these included a loose door handle, squeaky windows, a crack in the glass and even hollow spots in their bomb shelter.

Thankfully, these were all rectified by HDB's Building Service Centre for free and the couple has urged other homeowners to "make full use" of the service. 

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