Health coach Holly Lehua on how a high-carb diet benefitted her

Health coach Holly Lehua on how a high-carb diet benefitted her
PHOTO: Courtesy of Holly Lehua

You may remember Holly Lehua as the fresh-faced MTV VJ who won the MTV VJ Hunt in 2010. She may have led a seemingly glamorous and high-profile life, but Holly did not feel fulfilled.

She was battling her inner demons, struggling with insecurities about her weight, and feeling the constant pressure to be thin.

Today, she is a changed woman. A certified holistic health coach and Ashati energy healer, she started her own wellness coaching business last year.

Says Holly of her new life venture: "In 2022, I'm excited about working with more women to help them reach their health and weight goals, while finding greater peace and understanding about food and their bodies. There are too many 'fad diets' that do nothing but create disordered eating and deprivation - and this needs to change. That's what my practice is all about."

Here, Holly shares her top health and wellness tips for moving into 2022.

There's no need to make any New Year resolutions


“Start being a healthy person, right now. At this very moment.”

Put your trust in you

“For years, I was told I needed to eat ‘more protein’ when in fact, my body always craved lots of healthy carbs. Only you know what’s best for your own body.

In 2021, I fully trusted my body and chose to nourish myself on a high-carbohydrate diet, full of goodness from Mother Nature. I do not enjoy exercising and I did not push myself to do it. I focused on resting and allowing life to unfold for me.”

Say no to fad diets

“Start your journey by eating real food from the earth. If it’s in a box, or in a package, it’s probably not good for you. Focus on low-calorie-dense food such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.”

Remember that you are special and unique

“People are moving more towards health as a holistic practice. Every woman is different and has different needs, and that requires a specific nutritional approach. I feel like 2022 will be the year where there will be more awareness about that.”

Check out local healthy spots

“I love Scoop and Little Farms for my groceries. If I’m dining out, I like the Living Cafe at Bukit Timah. It has super fresh and healthy food, and you can customise your meals, which is great if you have specific dietary preferences.”

Have more healthy carbs

“Don’t fear healthy carbs like rice and sweet potatoes. Enjoy them as the bulk of your meal. Stay away from oil. Instead of olive oil, have the whole olive. For healthy fats, go to the source, like a whole avocado.”

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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