Here’s how you can lose weight while working

Here’s how you can lose weight while working
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Imagine getting a flatter tummy without having to do any gruelling exercises. Sure sounds like a dream doesn’t it? But… it is actually possible!

Here are five quick ways to reduce bloat and get yourself a flatter tummy all while in the office!

Drink more water + add lemon

When our bodies get dehydrated, it retains water as a defense mechanism causing you to bloat and get constipated.

Adding several slices of lemon or other citrus fruits to aid digestion and cleanse your digestive system!

Don't eat at your desk

Besides being one of the signs to burning out at work, eating at your desk can be detrimental to your diet. When eating at your desk, you tend to eat faster and not register or enjoy lunch properly.

Ultimately, this leads to more snacking later in the day.

Increase heart rate

Whether it’s that quick walk to the pantry for water or a quick run to the loo, do things to keep your heart rate up once in a while.

Moving for 30 minutes a day is all you need to feel better and reduce belly fat! So whatever you do, try to fit in this mini workout every day! If you have trouble keeping up with your fitness, get a smart watch to track your movements for you.

Chew your food

Did you know, food should be chewed at least 30 times for optimal digestion?

Indigestion is one of the main cause of bloating. So, if you absolutely have to eat at your desk, make sure that you’re chewing food enough times to avoid indigestion and do not rush through your meals as the faster you eat, the more gas enters your body, causing you to bloat.

Ditch the soft drinks and coffee

We’re guilty of doing this ourselves but try to limit yourself from drinking more than one cup of coffee a day and say no to carbonated drinks.

Try this out for a week and we promise you’re going to feel less bloated!

This article was first published in womensweekly.

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