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Here's how to make your own mask with a kitchen paper towel and items found at home

Here's how to make your own mask with a kitchen paper towel and items found at home
PHOTO: Screengrab from China Daily video

Instead of running helter-skelter looking for masks to buy, why not try making one your own? 

If you're like me, who doesn't have nimble fingers and cannot sew my own cloth mask for the life of me, then this may come as a relief.

China Daily recently released clips on the topic of Covid-19, including tips on how to protect yourself from coronavirus transmission in the workplace. The how-to video on a "DIY temporary face mask' appears to be sourced from The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital. 

It shows a step-by-step tutorial on how to put together a mask with materials that can be easily found at home.

Here is the list of things you'll require:

  • 2 pieces of kitchen paper towels (ISO22000, HACCP, FDA, CFR)
  • 1 tissue paper (air permeable) 
  • Rubber bands
  • Masking tape
  • Hole puncher or stapler
  • Wire in a plastic sheath
  • Scissors 
  • Binder clips
  • A pair of glasses
  • Transparent plastic folder 

Before starting on this mask-making project, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect the surface and items you're using.

The kitchen paper towels will act as the air filters, while the tissue paper works as the water-absorbing layer of the mask.

Store-bought masks may sometimes be too big or small for you, but with this homemade mask, you'll be able to adjust the length of the rubber bands to make the mask fit more snugly, especially if you're making one for kiddo.

As the Covid-19 virus spread through droplets, the video suggests using a plastic folder to make an additional waterproof layer, which can be simply fastened to the temples of your glasses by using the binder clips. 

I'm not going to lie, this DIY mask may potentially draw stares from passersby, so if you want something less attention-grabbing, you may replace it with a plastic sunhat instead.

Watch the full video below:

Would you try making this DIY mask at home?

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