The highly coveted SIA batik mahjong sets are back, and it's cheaper than $388 this time

PHOTO: Singapore Airlines

Most Singaporeans would be familiar with the game of mahjong and the loud clacking of the tiles as it is shuffled around the table is such an iconic sound for many.

The tile-based game has been around for generations but recently, many mahjong fans have started seeking more jazzed-up variations of the traditional mahjong set.

In December 2020 and December 2021, Singapore Airlines (SIA) launched limited-edition exclusive mahjong sets for $338 and $388 respectively, and many fans sought to get their hands on a set.

The 2020 and 2021 sets were unique — the former came in a deep blue shade while the latter had a forest green shade, and the tiles place a distinctive visual emphasis on the beloved SIA batik motif and other flight-related elements.

However, within hours of its launch on the KrisShop website, the highly coveted mahjong sets were sold out.

And if you were checking out Carousell, some of their listings go as high as $550.

But fret not, because the 2021 set is back on the KrisShop website, at a bargain price of $271.60 or 33,950 miles, whereas it was originally being sold for $388.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Carousell

We'd say paying $271.60 is a steal, as opposed to forking out a much heftier sum for the same mahjong sets to scalpers on Carousell.

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