Hop into the new year: How to shop for maximum huat this CNY, based on your zodiac sign (part 3)

Hop into the new year: How to shop for maximum huat this CNY, based on your zodiac sign (part 3)
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Chinese New Year is all about indulging in steamboat dinners, watching lion and dragon dances, and of course, buying new outfits for all the house-visiting you'll be doing and #OOTDs you'll be taking.

If you're looking for style inspiration to stand out from the crowd, why not dress in your zodiac sign's lucky colours this year? According to astrology experts, each sign has its own set of colours said to bring prosperity, so try incorporating them into your outfits for a turn of luck in 2023.

For those born in the Year of the Tiger, Horse and Dog, this style guide is tailored for you based on your lucky colours, plus it includes the best stores to scour for these looks – P.S. they are all conveniently located at your nearest Lendlease malls.

Tiger: Orange, blue

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  1. Moley Apparels Classic Motif Print Pocket Mandarin Collar Short Sleeve Shirt - Navy ($55.90) (PLQ, L2)
  2. Cotton On 5 Panel Graphic Hat - Blue Flint / Sun Face ($19.99) (Jem, L2)
  3. Denim D’ Artisan Nudie Jeans Co. Lean Dean Deep Ocean ($257) (313, L3)
  4. Vans X Thrasher Skate Sk8-Hi Shoe - Black / Multi ($115) (Jem, L3)
  5. Moley Apparels Classic Motif Print Cheongsam Inspired Dress - Blue ($59.90) (PLQ, L2)
  6. Mango Gathered Details Dress - Orange ($89.90) (313, L2)
  7. Anothersole ANEW Mini Bag - Ginger Black ($85) (PLQ, L1)
  8. The Underground Orange Blouse ($35) (Parkway Parade, L2)
  9. Coo.Seoul+ Sparkly Blue Dress ($59.90) (Parkway Parade, L2)
  10. CHARLES & KEITH Annelise Double Belted Shoulder Bag - Navy ($69.90) (313, L2)
  11. Melissa Mar Sandal Tie + Viktor and Rolf - Brown-Orange ($169) (PLQ, L1)
  12. Barani 19609 Leather Fisherman Short Heels - Navy ($159) (Parkway Parade, L2)

Like the ferocious creatures themselves, those of you born in the Year of the Tiger are daring, confident and energetic. As expected, your lucky colours of orange and blue are a testament to your fiery passion for all things in life.

Bringing abundance, good luck and power, your new year is predicted to start with a bang and what better way to welcome this good fortune than by donning a bright orange dress or a striking geometric-patterned cheongsam.

Horse: Yellow

PHOTO: AsiaOne
  1. Mango Printed Cotton T-shirt - Mustard ($49.90) (Parkway Parade, L1)
  2. Well Bred Store Kangol Frame Tee - Mustard ($72.90) (313, L4)
  3. Fjällräven Tree-Kanken Pocket - Maple Yellow ($69) (313, L3)
  4. Converse Chuck 70 - Parchment ($119.90) (Jem, L3)
  5. Mango Reverse-knit Striped Sweater ($89.90) (PLQ, L1)
  6. iORA Classic Straight Dress - Butter ($39.90) (313, L3)
  7. CHARLES & KEITH Checkered Spool Heel Slingback Pumps - Yellow ($56.90) (313, L2)
  8. Mango Floral Embroidery Dress - Yellow ($89.90) (313, L2)
  9. The Editor’s Market Shelley Linen Puff-Sleeve Blouse - Lemon ($35) (Jem, L2)
  10. Uniqlo Boyfriend Tapered Jeans - Off White ($59.90) (Parkway Parade, L1)
  11. CHARLES & KEITH Annelise Belted Trapeze Bag - Orange ($65.90) (313, L2)

For those with the Chinese zodiac sign of Horse, your forecast is looking cheery, and you're expected to enjoy good health and financial prosperity in 2023.

This year, approach life with a positive attitude and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Start by looking optimistic on the outside by dressing in your lucky colour – yellow.

Whether you're dressed like a cheery sunflower or soft butter, you're sure to shine like the sun on every occasion.

Dog: Purple, red

PHOTO: AsiaOne
  1. MissFit Puma High Impact To The Max Women’s Training Bra - Grape Wine ($89) (313, L3)
  2. Under Armour Men's Armour Fleece Pants - Tempered Steel / Aurora Purple ($89) (Parkway Parade, L1)
  3. Vans Colour Theory Classic Slip-On - Checkerboard Purple Heather ($79) (Jem, L3)
  4. Playdress Ruby Halter Neck Dress - Plum ($59.90) (PLQ, L2)
  5. CHARLES & KEITH Lotso Furry Shoulder Bag - Fuchsia ($95.90) (313, L2)
  6. Clarks Orianna Edge - Chestnut Combi ($179) (Parkway Parade, L1)
  7. Well Bred Store Kangol Grunge Plaid Bin Hat - Lilac ($89.90) (313, L4)
  8. New Balance T-shirt - Truffle ($45) (Parkway Parade, L1)
  9. Well Bred Store Kangol Printed Symbol Tee - Lavender ($65.90) (313, L4)
  10. Black by Blue Brave Cherry Blossom Ruby Red ($249) (PLQ, L2)
  11. Zym Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm) ($448) (Jem, L4) on The Editor’s Market Xenia Taler Bamboo Dinner Plate - Lido ($18) (Jem, L2)

Loyal, honest and amiable, people born in the Year of the Dog often make the best of friends. This year, you have jewel-tone colours, purple and red, as your auspicious picks.

Your zodiac reading foretells that you will be favoured by luck, but you must continue to work hard and not miss any opportunities that come your way. Dress for success by decking out in your gem-like colours like ruby red dresses and perhaps some amethyst accessories.

Revamp your wardrobes and usher in some huat this Chinese New Year!

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For the rest of the zodiac signs, stay tuned to our last article, to find out your lucky colours for this year and the style guide we have specially curated for you!

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