How to accentuate your best features with makeup

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Instead of fixating on self-perceived flaws, approach your look with positivity and show off the best parts of your face.

Here's how you can highlight your favourite facial features with the right makeup.

Perfect your pout

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If you've got lips that could give Kylie Jenner a run for her money, go with a diffused, blurred lip look.

Makeup artist Sha Shamsi suggests buffing your lipstick with an eyeshadow brush for that insouciant morning-after aesthetic.

Accentuate your brows

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With an eyebrow pencil, fill in any sparse areas by creating tiny, hair-like strokes in the direction of your hair growth for the most natural-looking results.

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Create a clear canvas 

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To achieve that elusive, second-skin finish, Sha recommends the "reverse setting" method.

First, sop up excess sebum with setting spray. Then, apply the rest of your skincare and foundation to prevent unwanted shine and drive home that second-skin guise.

Emphasise your cheeks 

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Sha likes using two to three blushers to create that draped effect - try a bold colour like Barbie pink, with the others being lighter hues in the same colour family like coral and peach.

With the lightest shade, create a soft wash of colour on the apples of your cheeks, extending to the cheekbones. The middle shade is applied right on top, while the boldest shade is buffed towards the cheekbones.

Make your eyes pop

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Nail a super-quick smoky eye by creating a "V" shape in the outermost corner of the eye with a dark coloured eyeshadow and fluffy brush. Blend with your fingers and add more product to build up the intensity.

For that cat-eye effect, Sha recommends cleaning up the edges with a micellar water-soaked Q-tip.

Get your glow on

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For a glow boost, follow Sha's trick and sweep powder highlighter in a windshield-wiper motion on the high planes of your face, such as your nose bridge, cheekbones and Cupid's bow.

It might seem counter-intuitive to apply powder on the tip of your highlighted nose, but Sha assures us that this is crucial for creating a natural sheen.

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