How to catch the Pokemon Fossil Museum tour without visiting Japan

How to catch the Pokemon Fossil Museum tour without visiting Japan

While travel is not exactly the easiest thing to do right now, that is not stopping some enterprising companies from bridging the gap. Thanks to a collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Toyohashi Museum of Natural History, the awesome Pokémon Fossil Museum can be enjoyed even if you are not in Japan.

This virtual tour, which will be open until November, gives us a chance to see the collection of both real and Pokémon fossils, and is meant to teach visitors about fossils and dinosaurs. Of course, seeing the fictional and real stuff side-by-side adds to the fun if you are a fan of the pocket monsters, and there’s also a VR option for added immersion.

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There is definitely some cool knowledge to be learned here. For example, Omanyte is based on a prehistoric creature called an ammonite, Aerodactyl is based on pterosaurs, and Bastiodon is based on ceratopsian dinosaurs such as the triceratops.

While Pokémon Fossil Museum is meant to shut its doors in November, there might still be plans for it to move to other cites. In the meantime, be sure to do some sightseeing now and level up your knowledge in our world and that of the Pokémon.

As for the gaming space, the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will arrive on 18 November later this year, and looks set to shake things up further with co-op play.

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