How does Patty Hou, 44, maintain her youthful look?

How does Patty Hou, 44, maintain her youthful look?
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Patty Hou first caught the public’s eyes when she started her career as a news anchor. Since then, the Taiwanese star has moved on to be a television host, a career that she is most known for now. Patty, who dated Mandopop singer Jay Chou in the noughties, is now married to banker Ken Huang. The couple has two sons together.

ICYDK Patty turned 44 on Dec 20. As such, we’re celebrating her birthday by taking a look at how the star maintains her youthful appearance. Keep scrolling as we reveal her beauty secrets.

Use different makeup removers


Before starting on her skincare routine, Patty ensures that every stitch of makeup is removed. In fact, she uses different makeup removers for different parts of the face. This is a good call as you can reduce tug and friction around the eyes and lips while effectively removing the makeup.

Only use cold water to wash your face


Patty’s secret to her poreless porcelain mien: use cold water to wash your face. She believes that doing so can help tighten pores, make skin more resilient and bouncy and reduce swelling. However, we don’t recommend using ice cold water as that could damage the capillaries. Water that feels cold to the touch (like straight from the tap) should suffice.

Don't skip steps


As the Chinese saying goes, “ugly women don’t exist, just lazy ones.” Perhaps, Patty lives by that adage as she shared that she never skips a step in her skincare routine which consists of toner, essence, lotion, moisturiser and face mask.

Mask twice a day


While most of us mask at night as part of a beauty ritual to unwind and relax, Patty has made it a point to mask twice a day. Her rationale for doing it in the day as well is to ensure that the skin is properly hydrated so that makeup will look and stay on better.

Be selective of your skincare products


To Patty, a good bottle of moisturiser should have the same amount of nourishing ingredients as a serum. As such, she doesn’t skimp on good skincare products that contain useful ingredients that can combat various facets of skin ageing. Patty is especially fond of Shiseido’s Future Solution line.

Patty also ensures that she uses sunscreen and applies moisturiser down to her neck.

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Do facial massages as facial exercises


In a Vogue Taiwan article, Patty shared her skin-firming facial massage techniques.

  1. Place the fleshy area between your thumbs and index fingers at your chin and drag upwards from the chin to ears along the jawline.
  2. Place your index fingers on the nasolabial fold and use four fingers to pull up the apples of your cheeks.
  3. Place your index fingers under the eyes and slide them towards the temples.
  4. Place your finger under the eyebrows and slide it up from the forehead to the hairline.
  5. Apply cream to the neck using upward circular motions with your hands. Then, slide your palms down to your shoulders and chest.

Make use of idle time to exercise


With her busy schedule, Patty can only make use of idle time in the day to squeeze in some facial exercises to help contour her face. At home, she employs foam rollers to relax her muscles. Not only would this help to maintain perfect posture, but it can also relax and soothe any tension that could affect your health and beauty.

Consider intermittent fasting


Patty has also jumped on the intermittent fasting bandwagon and has claimed that her best record was losing five kilograms thanks to the diet. Out of the seven days in a week, Patty tries to fast for at least two to three days, five if she’s feeling particularly motivated to do the 168 method of fasting (fast for 16 hours, eat for eight).

Avoid eggs and dairy


According to Patty, eating eggs and dairy products causes her to break out. As such, she strictly avoids these as much as possible. Patty also makes it a point to reduce her sugar intake as well. Conversely, Patty also likes to make herself a cup of green juice each day.

Have a positive attitude


Patty has been regarded as someone with higher EQ as she knows how to go through life with a happy, positive attitude, even through difficult times. To her, there are many things we can’t control, but whether we want to face it with a smile and laughter or with sadness and anger is truly dependent on you.

“A happy person knows how to be grateful and cherish everything they have in an imperfect life.”

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This article was first published in Her World Online.

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