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How losing weight through fruits affects health, tips from nutritionist

How losing weight through fruits affects health, tips from nutritionist
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The thought of losing weight fast can be enticing and you might be exploring ways to do so without having to exert too much time and effort.

While there are endless diets and supplements among other methods that claim to give you the desired results, it is important to know what you are in for to avoid compromising your health.

It is said that some would even resort to losing weight by sticking to a fruits-only diet as they believe that it is low in fat and calories. But surely… this method can’t be that bad considering that fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre? 

Let Weng Chuxiang, a senior Nutritionist from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital shed more light on this weight reduction method. He also offers tips on how people can consume fruits more healthfully.

Health implications of consuming fruits to lose weight

According to the local nutritionist in an interview with ‘Living Well’ on Shin Min daily, while fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, they lack protein, starch (carbohydrates) and high-quality fat. 

He says that by consuming only fruits for long periods of time, the body is unable to obtain a balanced nutrition. This could result in detrimental outcomes to weight control and overall health. 

To control weight, Weng advises against blindly following “fad diets” and recommends choosing an appropriate and balanced diet plan. This can be done by following ‘My Healthy Plate’ recommendations which helps individuals plan food portions accordingly.

Other of Weng’s recommendations include consuming less fried foods and eating more steamed foods. In doing so, individuals will be able to persist for a longer period of time to achieve effective and safe weight loss.

Health tips for fruit lovers

For people who like eating fruits, the senior nutritionist also dishes out tips on consuming them more healthfully. Here are his suggestions: 

  • Choose to eat fruits rather than drink fruit juice

Weng explains that squeezing fruits to obtain fruit juice will result in the loss of its three main nutrients: fibre, vitamins and minerals. What is left behind is only “sugar water”, he says. 

Furthermore, when it comes to packaged fruit juice, additional sugar is usually added.

  • Consume two servings of fruits daily

One serving of fruit is equivalent to a small apple, orange or pear; a piece of papaya or pineapple; 10 pieces of grapes or a medium-sized banana. The senior nutritionist explains that moderation is key. It is not a case of eating more fruits, the better.

  • Consume a variety of fruits — this will allow the body to obtain all the essential nutrients it requires
  • If necessary, purchase frozen fruits that can be stored longer

The nutritional value of frozen fruits are no less as compared to fresh fruits, according to the senior nutritionist.

For more useful information on ‘My Healthy Plate’, you can visit here.

This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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